European Road Trip Ideas

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Europe’s an excellent place to take a road trip. It's so drivable that you can create a trip to pack as many countries as you can in a matter of months. Or you can pick one country to explore. For example, you could make an unforgettable holiday road trip through Spain. Start in the region of Catalonia, leave from Barcelona and drive along the coast through Tossa de Mar, Palamos, Rosas, Cadaques, and back to Barcelona through Besalu and Girona.
But, if you're looking to drive across the continent, here's a guide to consider.

Start in London. Get in the car and head down to London, take in a day or so of the capital, and then take in the English coastline beauty of the White Cliffs of Dover before hopping on a ferry to Calais.

Next, stop off in Belgium. On this route, you will pass through, so take time to explore a bit.

Then head up to Amsterdam. You only need about 24 hours to explore. Pass through the red light district (for conversation's sake), the cafes, and awesome second hand/thrift stores. 

Stay in Holland to visit Edam. Famous for its cheese, you can hop out the car for a bit and get on two wheels to cycle into the countryside to see windmills and picturesque Dutch houses. 

Next venture on to to Berlin and explore the modern city by delving into its history. It's worth a stop by the remaining Berlin Wall, the Russian War Memorial, Brandenburg Gate and historic Reichstag building. 

On through Dresden, which was decimated in WW2, but then reborn to a distinguished town celebrated by art museums and classic architecture of its reconstructed old town.

Then onto Prague where you can see plenty of Gothic architecture and markets.

From Prague, head to Austria via the Bohemian city of Kutna Hora. After a visit there head to Vienna for the day and from there, go to Krakow, an alpine town with traditional villages. But stop off at Auschwitz on your way. There is a lot of Holocaust and World War II history in these towns, so be prepared for an emotional journey as well.

Next, it's on to Budapest. Soak in the city famous outdoor thermal pools set amongst Art Nouveau architecture, and put St Margaret Island top and center of your to-do list. 

Next, you want to head south to Slovenia, to the city of Ljubljana and after a little visit there, head off to Italy for a tour of the iconic towns of Venice, and you’ll be driving to the Swiss Alps in order to stop off at Pisa to see the leaning tower, the off to Florence, and end in Rome.

In the swiss alps, you can explore the magical land of cheese, chocolate and watches before then driving off to Paris where you can stock up on perfume, admire the Notre Dame Cathedral and indulge in coffee and crêpes.

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