Making Lasting Memories With Your Friends

As an adult, you probably don’t spend as much time with your friends as you did when you were a child. Part of adulting is that we don’t have as much free time as we once did. You have a job and plenty of other adult responsibilities, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on your social life. It just means that you might have to work a little harder to retain it. So, it’s time to start encouraging your group of friends to hang out more because life should be about more than just a 9-5 job and paying the bills on time. Here's some ideas to help you to start making some lasting memories with your friends.

Plan a weekend road trip.
This would be a fun way for all of you to reconnect. Plus, if you always struggle to think of fun things to do that will keep everybody happy, then this could be the perfect compromise. On a road trip, you don’t have to stop at one location; you could visit multiple locations. That could keep everybody happy. So, make a plan with your buddies. Decide where you want to go and what you want to see. And remember that it’s all about the journey.

Plan a party.
Or you could go out for some drinks in your local town or city. Perhaps you could even arrange a pub crawl or even book a private party if you want to have a fun night with just your buddies. You could book a few hours in a karaoke room, or perhaps you could even charter a boat. You might even want to hire a band that could provide some live music for you.
Or you could always keep it indoors and host a party at your home.

Go hang-gliding.
Consider going hang-gliding for an exhilarating adventure which would create lasting memories for all of you. Being able to appreciate the world from a high vantage point is a truly unforgettable experience.

Relax at home.
Earlier in the article, partying at home was suggested. Of course, you don’t have to throw a party every time you see your buddies. Sometimes, a relaxing evening is fine. You could even host a sophisticated low-key dinner party. Invite your friends, ask them to bring some wine or a few snacks to add to the spread, and simply have a good catch-up.

Try an escape room.
You could also consider trying out an escape room. If you’ve never tried one before, the rules are always straightforward. You and your group will have a designated amount of time (usually an hour) to break out of a locked room. Every escape room varies in theme, some escape rooms involve riddles and mathematical puzzles which must be solved, in order to get a code that’ll unlock the door. Some escape rooms involve challenges, such as mini-games which help you to retrieve keys for locked cabinets and doors.
Whatever game you pick, it will definitely test the strength of your friendship. You’ll have to master the art of team-building, so it could really help you to work well together and listen to one another.

Play some laser tag.

Laser tag isn’t an activity that’s reserved for children. It’s fun, regardless of your age. If you’re looking for an energetic and simple way to spend an hour with your buddies, then this is a great option. You can’t beat the pure joy of running out zapping one another with laser guns (and trying to avoid getting stitches whilst doing so).

Play Virtual Reality
If you and your crew are into video games, then try a virtual reality experience. But, even if you are not into video games, it will be a fun time. The VOID allows you to team up with your friends to journey through different immersive experiences like fighting off Storm Troopers in 'Star Wars' or saving the world as an Avenger testing new Wakandan and Stark technologies. You simply pick your story, have your group of up to four, and put on your gear, and then take the journey through VR. The VOID's VR is more sophisticated than any home system, as you have highly sensitive gear, travel through different rooms, and have staff on hand in case there is a hiccup. The best part is that it's very affordable, comparable to going out for a movie at a theater.

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