3 Essential Tips For Solo Travelers

If you are tempted to scratch that wanderlust itch and venture to far flung shores in 2020, then solo travel could be the sort of jaunt that you are after. It doesn’t matter whether you have been traveling with pals before, sometimes there’s nothing better than hitting the beaches, cities and new vistas on your own. You have no one to answer to, the itinerary you set can be as personalized as you like, and you only have yourself to worry about. However, alongside the perks, there can be some downsides. You won't have anyone to share your new experiences with, you may worry about your safety, and you may feel lonely at times. Here's some tips on how to travel on your own.

Forget the generic tours that are advertised online specifically for solo travelers. Yes, they are readymade and will be tailored to your interests, but they will still involve an element of activities that you aren’t interested in. Instead, plan your own trip. This can take time, especially if you are heading overseas for a while, but you get to dictate where you stay and for how long. For example, if you fancy more time than a couple of nights in Delhi, book your accommodation for longer. If you want to meet the pandas in Chengdu province in China, you can organize it. And if you want to investigate boat share opportunities in California, you can get planning your trip.

When you venture abroad and immerse yourself in new cultures, you may become so overwhelmed that you forget the basics of safety. Ensure that you have your cash and passport in a safe and hidden place. This way, should your bag get stolen, you still have the essentials needed to get home. Always try and stay close to well lit areas after dark, keep your eye on any drinks you order, never get too drunk, and never go off with a stranger without accountability.

If you are moving around a lot, you want something more mobile, like a front loading backpack. Roll instead of fold to maximize space and try to travel as light as possible. A week’s worth of clothes will suffice as you will need to do washing along the way. A carry-on is also great as you can keep it with you in the cabin of the plane rather than endure lengthy check in procedures.

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