How To Start Your Day Right

If you’re someone who doesn’t like mornings, then you know if your day doesn’t get off to the best start, the rest of your day might suffer.
Whether it’s missing your first caffeine fix of the day, or falling asleep and waking up at the end of the line on the train, there are hundreds of tiny ways to ruin your day. But, there are some simple steps to fix it. Here’s some advice on how to get ahead of your day and start your day right.

Get A Decent Caffeine Fix
For you caffeine fiends out there, this doesn’t mean downing three espresso shots and being a twitching mess for the rest of the day. Go to a decent coffee shop and get the perfect blend to start your day off with a positive (and slightly-caffeine fuelled) buzz. You can source your perfect local cafe with the help of sites like, which reviews recommended cafes, and even the best brands for you to brew at home.

Get Up Half An Hour Earlier
Are you currently guilty of rolling out of bed and out of the door, toothbrush in bag and hair a hot mess? Getting up half an hour earlier can give you the time to mentally prepare yourself for the day ahead and set up a morning routine. Work out what tools you need to get ready for the day ahead, whether it’s a big breakfast, that strong shot of coffee, or a morning workout. Setting yourself up for the day will make the rest of it much easier.

Make 10 Minutes To Gather Your Thoughts
Even if you are not a morning person, you can have a successful one if you give yourself at least 10-30 minutes to either plan your day or engage in some form of exercise. If you’re strapped for time in the morning, even a quick 10-minute jot down of a plan or walk on your commute can make a big difference.

Stay Positive
Some people find it hard to be positive at 6 in the morning, and not everyone has the luxury of loving their job. But try and incorporate some positivity into your morning routine, whether you write down three things you are thankful for or listen to an uplifting TED talk on your commute. Making it a habit will help you do it without thinking over time. Getting into a positive mindset ahead of work will also help you during your working day as people are more likely to want to help you.

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