3 Tips for Traveling With Seniors

The travel bug has no age limit! If your parents (or grandparents) are retired and want to see the world, or if you want to do something special for them and take them on a trip of a lifetime, then there may be a few extra steps to make sure their experience is comfortable. Including safety. Everyone knows the importance of safety when it comes to traveling solo, but traveling with older adults may require just a little more attention. 

Here's some tips to ensure your older loved ones have a great time on their travels.

1. Plan Ahead
Most seniors want to travel. In fact, about 63% of people over the age of 50 in the U.S. say that traveling is important to them. But, some seniors don’t take the opportunity to travel because they don’t know what to expect. 

You can make the trip easier on them by planning things in advance. If you’re going to be flying, you can request a wheelchair at the airport to make walking around easier. Be sure to carry on any medications that your loved one might need, as well. 

Consider your location, too. Planning a hiking trip in the mountains isn’t going to be feasible for every senior. But, going to a easy walking city tour is a possibility. If your loved one has trouble walking for long periods of time, you might want to invest in walking canes or a wheelchair to take with you on the trip that can assist them as they get around. 

2. Travel With Family
Get a large group together when traveling with seniors. It makes it much easier to keep them safe, and they’ll always have someone giving them the attention they might need. Plus, it takes a lot of the responsibilities off of just one person’s shoulders. 
Remember, a trip is supposed to be enjoyable for everyone! Traveling in numbers with people you care about will make for a less-stressful experience. 

3. Space Out Activities
It’s understandable to want to squeeze in as many activities as possible during a trip. But, you may need to plan them sparingly when traveling with a senior. They might need more time to rest or relax between activities, so give them the opportunity to recoup by taking things slowly. 
The good news? This same ‘tip’ often applies for young children. So, it’s another good excuse to bring your entire family on the trip. Multi-generation family trips can indeed work, and both your children and your parents/grandparents will get something special from the experience. 

Being able to travel with older individuals in your life is truly a gift. If you have the opportunity to set up a trip with your parents, grandparents, or any other senior who is special to you, do it! Keep these safety tips in mind to make sure everyone is secure throughout your travels. When you do that, you can focus more on enjoying yourself and creating unforgettable memories. 

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