Planning a Rad Road Trip

A road trip can be great fun. Whether you’re heading cross country or staying close to home, hitting the road gives you the freedom to explore on your own terms. If you want to make sure your road trip is memorable for all the right reasons, check out look at these tips.

1. Research your route
You don’t need to have your whole journey mapped out, but it’s good to have a general idea where you’re going. When you research your route in advance, you’ll have the opportunity to pack in as many sights and attractions as you can. GPS systems and cell phones can be a great way to access information on the go, but if you’re driving through rural areas, you might not always have a signal. If in doubt, go low tech and keep a map in the glove box in case you get lost. 

2. Get your music ready
A great road trip requires some classic tunes. So be sure to prepare your playlist in advance. With plenty of iconic road trip playlists available online, you can download tracks straight to your car. Alternatively, dig out your old CDs and get ready to sing along. 

3. Get off the beaten track
Unless you’re under the pressure of time, don’t take the most direct route to your destination. Highways are efficient but they don’t give you the best chance to explore small towns and other off-road sites. By taking a slower road, you’ll have the chance to embrace local life and explore little known natural wonders, like waterfalls. Remember – it’s important to be extra careful when you’re driving through unfamiliar areas. Jonathan Rosenfeld, car accident law specialist deals with numerous incidents caused by unexpected obstacles and unforeseen dangers. Small roads in rural areas can be particularly dangerous in bad weather, so take things slower than you usually do when you’re behind the wheel.

4. Choose the right company
Traveling solo can be fun but taking someone with you is even better. However, a road trip can make or break a friendship. So be careful who you invite! When you’re traveling for 6-8 hours a day and spending your evenings together too, it’s easy to tire of each other’s company. By selecting a road trip buddy who you know well or who shares the same tastes as you, you won’t run the risk of falling out when you’re on the road.

5. Keep your gas tank full
If you don’t know the area well and you see a gas station – top up your car. There are many stretches of road that don’t offer refueling options for miles, so don’t take the risk. Keeping your vehicle topped up will prevent unnecessary breakdowns and delays.

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