Advice for Living on Your Own for the First Time in College

If you are attending college straight out of high school, you may find that the social life and the ability to live in a group of your peers rather than with parents around can be quite the change of pace. It can also be quite discomforting to realize just how many people are not equipped to live on their own at that age.

For instance, it’s not uncommon to see student dorms look disgraceful due to the lack of washing-up and cleaning. You may even notice that some of your dorm friends haven’t the first idea of how to wash their bedclothes and make their beds because so far, their parents have done everything for them.

However, instead of focusing on others, it’s, of course, best to focus on yourself when managing your new life. Here's some tips on how to do so.

Take Care Of Your Health
It’s extremely tempting to let your health slide when you’re first at college. You’re going to party, and depending on the age you are and the country you’re in, you’re likely to encounter large volumes of alcohol. It’s good to have fun, and to try things you may not have before. And you may over eat, and gain the "freshmen 15" because the you've never had access to all of your favorite foods at one time before. But the truth is that this can get out of hand rather quickly, and if you’re not careful, you, unfortunately, run the risk of damaging your health.

Ensure you’re sensible always, and that you stick together with your friends, and that you practice intimacy safely. Inform yourself of the dangers, including turning down those who may offer you drugs, and learn the symptoms of chlamydia and other STD to remind yourself to practice safe sexual behavior. Additionally, get the sleep you need, eat well, and don’t burn the candle at both ends for too long. You’re young, and enthusiastic, but a little caution can go a long way. Don’t become a statistic, take care of your health.

Work Hard, Play Hard
Heading out at night with your friends is much more enjoyable if you know your essay has been written. If you’re on good terms with your lecturers and professors, you can ask them advice rather than burying your head in the sand. Additionally, it’s efforts like this that grant you the confidence and consideration you need to take on the challenges that being at university can bring.

Get Involved
When you're young, it can seem ‘cool’ to not get involved or to brush off certain activities that may put you out of your comfort zone. But it’s very worthwhile to challenge yourself to giving back to others and you may find it rewarding as well.

When you get involved, you’ll not only meet people you may not have met, but you’ll open up opportunities that help you grow.  For instance, you may decide to help out a lecturer with a personal project of theirs that they are giving students extra credit for, and this may help you gain an additional helping hand in the industry that you’re looking to get in. Experience, credits, and networking are all important when positioning yourself for your dream career.

Talk If You Need To
Heading to college is a new environment, and it can take a while for you to adapt. Don’t be afraid to talk to someone if you feel your mental health is in need of support. Students are increasingly finding that this helps them with the pressure of their studies and the social pressures as well.

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