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Upgrade your space with strip lights

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Have you heard of strip lighting? It’s a cool, easy way to change the mood in your space. Here are seven ideas for how you can use them.

Social Media Influencing: strip lights would look fantastic in the background of your videos and Instagram posts. They’re cheaper and easier to set-up than professional lighting, so if you’re just starting, strip lights are the way to go. They give a sleek, sophisticated feel to your posts, and will brighten up even the dingiest room. If you do have a professional set-up, strip lighting will look even better alongside it.

Parties: a fabulous way of taking your decorations to another level. Places like https://www.lepro.com/led-strip-lights supply strip lighting in loads of colors. As a bonus, you can control them from your phone so that you can dim them later at night, or during any special announcements.

Weddings and Engagements: gold, white or silver strip lights would give you a super classy look at a wedding or engagement party, especially if you’re responsible for decorating the venue and you have a million and one things to do. Strip lighting can be a quick solution for busy party planners! 

Photoshoots: strip lighting can add some flare to your background without taking the focus off the subject.

Christmas and New Year: fancy something a bit different than fairy lights? How about some festive colored strip lights? You can put them up anywhere, and combining them with tinsel or beads will make your home or office feel festive in an upgraded way. Christmas strip lights are great if you live in a small flat, or if you just have one room. They won’t take up space, so if you can’t have a tree, these are perfect.

For your business: if you run a hair or beauty salon, a shop, or a club, strip lighting is a cheap way of adding some va-va-voom to your business. Strip lighting looks pleasant and creates a friendlier atmosphere for your customers to spend time in. You can also use it to transform the office into a comfortable setting for the office party. 

For your home: if you fancy something a little unique, put some strip lighting up as regular interior decor. With the app on your phone, you can always switch up the colors when you get bored. Perfect for people who change their minds all the time, or who aren’t sure what color they want their rooms yet.

A Market Vendor: whether you regularly run a market stall or you’re running a one-off bake stall at an event, putting some strip lighting along your table and background is a sure-fire way to attract customer attention. 

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