Dating and Love During Lockdown

A few months into this global health crisis, a lot of the daily activities that we normally just took for granted can become more and more difficult. Going to the store looks different, and leaving the house with a face mask is the new normal. Going to crowded restaurants is a thing of the past, and seeing friends as we normally would is out of the question. So how in the world do we find love during the pandemic?
If you have told yourself that this year was going to be your year to find love and find ‘the one,’ then you might feel like you won’t be able to do that, as lockdown has made it all feel a little flat. However, there are still people out there looking to connect, especially others that are self-isolating or alone. It is all about connection at the end of the day, and being able to talk to someone, whether virtually or on the phone is important. So no matter what your romantic status is, here are some of the tips to get through this unusual time. 

Don’t feel pressure
If you want to make a connection, then it is important to not feel the pressure to download every dating app in sight. Because if you download all of them, then you could easily feel overwhelmed, and abandon the process altogether. For the most part, when you’re looking at the best apps for dating, there are real people behind those screens. It isn’t something that is a game. In order to be able to forge some meaningful relationships, you need to be able to take some real time to be able to go through things, and have some patience and resilience to be able to sift through and find the people that you will feel able to connect to. 

You need to take some time to dedicate to them, so don’t feel like you need to do it all at once, and don’t put yourself under any pressure. If you start to pile pressure on yourself, then it can be quite stressful, overwhelming, and hard to keep up with. So relax and enjoy the ride.

Use video technology
We all have the opportunity to become anonymous online, all while being able to start a bit of a connection with somebody. But if you have only seen some pictures of them (which are likely to be their best and perhaps filtered images), then it can be hard to truly work on building up a real connection. So instead, if you’re keen to get to know someone genuinely, see if they’ll be up to having a video call. Since the pandemic, most of the dating apps have added that feature within the app to make it an easy option for you to connect with a potential partner. And when you take that call, consider it a virtual date - so dress up, prepare some icebreaker questions, and even flirt a little.  

Going the distance 
For a lot of people who are in relationships already, you might have the challenge of being able to keep going in an unprecedented time like this. People who have been in long-term relationships are likely to tell you that communication is something that is increasingly important, especially if there are some elements in the circumstances that are beyond your control. If you’re already in a relationship, then it is a good idea to make some time for each other. It could be making dinner together or watching the same Netflix show if you are not quarantining together. It is important to look for ways to do special things together, even if you can’t be physically together.

We might have a little more time at home at the moment, but our energy levels might not always line up with our plans. So be kind to yourself as you figure out this new landscape of dating during the pandemic. Be safe if you decide to meet up in person with someone - remain socially distant; and take time to do the extra work to foster a budding new love.

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