What it takes to move to Australia

Australia is now considered on the other side of the pandemic. From all accounts, it's seems like the worst of COVID-19 is behind the nation, which has some people considering moving there permanently. 
It's known as a place for adventure, but also offers a lifestyle that is appealing for certain personalities.

If you choose to head to Australia at any point, you may feel like you're at home. It's the opposite side of the world from what you're used to, but that doesn't mean it has to be a fleeting visit. If you are considering the move, please note you will have to take the Australian Citizenship Test after four years of settling in Australia on a permanent visa. This gives you time to explore all parts of the continent until you settle on where you want to stay. 

Here's an infographic that makes understanding the Australian Citizenship Test easy. 

Getting Ready For Australian Citizenship Test


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