Overcoming Relationship Stumbles and Cultivating Love During Tough Times

Building a happy relationship is a lifelong process that comes with challenges. Ignoring problems will cause them to accumulate and eventually cause an eruption of emotions that lead to a big argument. However, during the hard and uncertain times we are facing today, it can be even more complicated to find a perfect balance with your other half. Here's some tips on how to keep the balance of your relationships during the global pandemic.

Listen and Communicate

Listening to the other's issues and points of view is the first step in starting to solve such personal issues. However, many couples struggle to understand why their communication process goes south. Reviewing the way you have been expressing yourself, as well as the words you commonly use, can be an excellent starting point to know more. For example, notice if you have been starting your speeches with "you always…" or "you never…". If so, keep in mind that that can sound like an accusation to the other person. Instead, listen more and avoid phrases that could put your partner on the defense.

Identify What Are the Issues to Overcome

If you have been feeling thrown off balance in your relationship lately, the problem might not be the relationship as a whole. Instead, issues might have been accumulating over the past few months, now causing you to notice everything that you are not fond of. However, the cause of such misunderstandings and irritability is often one. Tracing back what has been happening in the last few weeks or months might allow you to realize what is the actual cause behind the frustration that you are experiencing at the moment. 

Don't Skip a Date Night!

Date nights are precious moments that allow you to reconnect with your other half, strengthen your bond, and repair the little cracks that generally happen over time. Date nights can be simple, especially during the quarantine. If you have kids, ask other family members to look after them for an evening and make a plan. Start simple like to cooking together, but make an extra effort to decorate the table and the room. Perhaps even dress up and enjoy a night of intimacy with your partner. As the lockdown restrictions are lifted, you might decide to do something a little extra for your future date nights, but for now, make where you are as romantic as you can.

Find Time for Yourself

If you have been living in quarantine with your partner, it might not have been easy to spend all day long in the company of each other. While staying at home is the best thing you could do for yourself, it is easy to cut out some time just for yourself. Whether this is for exercising, working on a project, or just dedicating yourself to a DIY task you have been wanting to finish, taking time for yourself can be therapeutic and beneficial. 
Of course, you should not forget that your partner might need the same quantity of "alone time" too. Allow for this to happen and try not to create interruptions. You will be able to see the benefits of this time apart afterward.

Build Quality Time Together

Now that you both have had your share of time to look after your body and mind, it is an excellent time to get back together. However, it is easy to get lost in the many tasks and chores of a household. Instead, try to build quality time apart from life chores. 
Due to the current travel restrictions and social distancing measures, you might not be able to reconcile while on an exotic holiday. However, you could try a road trip or staycation in a hotel in your own town.

Find a New Activity to Enjoy Together

Another way to get out of the routine that might have been affecting your relationship is to find out a new hobby you can both enjoy. Some couples opt for taking dance lessons, playing tennis, or signing up for a volunteer program. Finding what fits both of your preferences is critical, but don't be afraid of trying out a new activity, discipline, or hobby. For example, practices such as Acroyoga allow you to build muscle, core strength, trust, and balance.

Plan for the Future

A good way to connect deep is to dream. Plan your future together, whether this involves starting a family, buying a home, or just finally booking the holiday you have been dreaming about for a long time. This is the best time to do it. These kinds of talks can also help you figure out what your financial situation is and set clear goals to improve your stability and financial security.

Implement Meditation in Your Routine

Meditation has been seen to have many benefits. However, only a few know that couples mindfulness practice can be beneficial in rekindling your relationship, bringing you closer together, and acting more kindly toward each other. Since this practice can also help you lower stress levels and focus on what matters, you will be able to enjoy some benefits you did not think you could experience with just a 10-minute session each day. Since it will only take a little time out of your busy schedule, you can make a point to start your day with it!

Have a Clear Chores Schedule

Now, down the practical aspects of everyday life. Aside from money and communication issues, the most common cause of arguments in a relationship is workload, stress, and household chores. When you were both working in your office, you might have embraced unspoken rules and routines. Be clear about who should do what and when it should be done. Make sure the tasks are reasonable, and when crafting your perfect schedule, don't forget that someday might be different. It is essential to keep into consideration the feelings and mindset of your partner. You are both likely to have days when you don't feel like cleaning up the dishes or cleaning the bathroom. Offering a hand - without expecting much in return - can go a long way.

Seek the Help of Professionals

As we have seen understanding the issue that is causing your relationship to stumble is the first step to mend it and return to happiness. However, sometimes, it isn't easy to handle some situations by yourself, and you might require the help of a professional. Whether this is couples therapy or couples rehab, putting your relationship in the hands of an expert can help you make huge steps forward towards your happiness.

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