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Planning The Perfect Marriage Proposal

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Planning a marriage proposal can be nerve-wrecking. While popping the question doesn’t have to be a big flashy ceremony, most of us want it to be a special moment that we can look back on fondly. Here's a few tips to help you plan the perfect proposal.

Find the right ring

The engagement ring is the thing that most physically represents your pending wedding, so you want to give this some thought. You need to get the right style and you need to get the right size – and you’ll likely have a budget to keep within.

There are lots of places to shop for a ring and some jewelers offer custom designs. Custom engagement rings are so special as they are entirely unique, plus they allow you to meet all the specs that your partner may want from the right shape to the right size. That said, some people may prefer to buy a ring with a bit of history and may not want to wait for a ring to be manufactured. Try to discreetly find out what style of ring your partner wants, so that you can have the element of surprise when you present it. Alternatively, you could choose to propose without a ring and then give your partner the option of choosing the ring themselves.

Decide if a blessing is needed

Your partner may want to do things traditionally, which could mean getting a blessing from their parents. This is something you should talk about with your partner. Get a good understanding of their own personal beliefs, relationship with family, and expectations.

Choose the time and place

Next, you need to choose the time and place in which you plan to propose. Decide whether your partner is likely to appreciate a public proposal or a more private proposal. A private proposal can make the moment more intimate, while a public proposal allows you to share the moment with friends and family.

You could plan to propose at home or you could plan to propose after a special, well-thought-out date.

Decide whether other people need to be involved. Friends and family may be needed to provide a distraction. You could even hire professionals such as musicians or a photographer to capture the moment.

You should also plan how to present the ring, as well as how to pop the question. Some people like to get creative by placing the ring in a special place for their partner to find or by using banners and messages to ask ‘will you marry me?’.

Plan an activity for afterwards

Providing they say ‘yes’, you’ll then want to celebrate your engagement. Consider planning an activity for afterwards. You could plan to propose at home or in a hotel room and then go to dinner or even plan a big day out. This will help to make the day even more special. But after this big moment, take time to enjoy it before you get straight into wedding planning

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