4 Reasons To Be Happy Your Children Aren't Going To College This Year

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Typically parents are happy to see their kids off to college. Though it may be tough to see them fly the nest and grow into adults, it is still an incredible opportunity for their developments into adulthood.

So, to say that you’re happy they aren’t attending university this year is weird. At least, it is until you realize that it has been one of the worst years on record! Coronavirus has led to deaths, global recessions, and fear of the unknown, leading many colleges having to shutdown campus and provide course only online.

Here's some other reasons why you can feel O.K. with not sending your kid off to school.

College May Be Abroad 

It’s one thing going to college in the U.S. where they are familiar with the customs, yet it’s another heading to a foreign country where things are done differently, including handling the health crisis. Other nations may be more equipped, but that won’t eliminate your apprehensions, the kind that parents feel 24-7. Plus, there’s nothing to say they’ll be allowed into the country as immigration lawyers are working through tons of cases where foreign nationals are turned away. At least when they are at home, you won’t lose your mind thinking about what may happen!

They’re Not Kids

Sure, they are kids to you, but they aren’t little children. Research is showing that children likely have the best defense against COVID-19, and studies show that their requirement for hospital treatment is low. However, that’s only for babies and adolescents. Teens and people in their early twenties are less likely to be impacted, but it depends on their physical health. With obesity among 18-25 year-olds very high and their sedentary lifestyle, you don’t want your kids in an environment where there’s a chance of spreading the illness. College students are robust, not bulletproof.

It’s Flexible

University can be the best decision when your kids will sit around the house doing nothing with their time. You want them being as productive as possible, and college fits the bill. Still, there’s no law saying that students must be a certain age to enroll in a course. Some mature students are way older than eighteen, which shows that they can study at any time they wish. And, if they have secured a place already, the likelihood is that they will do it again. Colleges are versatile, so there’s nothing to stop your children from attending when the world is a safer place.

Courses Aren’t Worth The Money 

Let’s face it - remote classes aren’t what students sign up for when they enroll. College isn’t free, so they expect a certain level of standard. Face-to-face lectures and seminars are the holy grail as people learn better when they get one-to-one time with experts and industry professionals. Settling for virtual classes where it’s hard to understand the material and a struggle to ask questions and listen to the answers can be looked at as a waste of money. Your kids could be in tens of thousands of dollars of debt when they leave, so it should be worth every penny.

Are you relieved that your kids aren’t going to college this year?

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