The Trials of a Long-Distance Relationship

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Whether you met your partner traveling or one of you moved away for work, long-distance relationships are difficult for everybody, and almost half of all relationships fail, especially if you are not prepared to deal with the issues that long-distance can bring. Here are the four most significant trials you will encounter. 

Traveling Back and Forth

First thing that couples tend to do once they are serious is establish a travel schedule for who travels where ,which partner will travel and how often. It sounds like it should be simple: you take it in turns. But sometimes it’s challenging to decide who this responsibility falls upon. One may find it easier to travel. They may have a car or get cheaper flights, which comes with the expectation that they travel. However, while you might be happy to do this initially, continuous travel can become exhausting. 

Figuring Out the Future 

All long-distance couples need a plan for the next stage of their relationship. You may be apart at the moment, but you’ll hopefully not be apart forever. So, ask each other what the next step for you is. 

Will one move to join the other? Will both move to someplace new? Consider looking even further into the future. Research about a green card marriage if you are of different nationalities. Failing to work out what comes next could become a big problem once you are in too deep.

Finding The Time

As much as you’re separated by distance, you may also be separated by time zones. This can be a significant hurdle you and your partner must overcome.

Finding time the right time to connect is a crucial aspect of long-distance relationships. Thankfully, these days there are many free and cost effective means to communicate - like Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Skype and more.

Trusting Each Other

Just because you are out of sight does not mean you should be out of mind, and while many couples will trust each other no matter where they are, not all relationships are like this. 

A lack of trust is a severe issue, and it can make you paranoid, look for problems that are not there, and cause friction in the relationship. If you want long-distance to work, you must be able to trust your partner, especially if they have never given you any reasons not to trust them. If you do have any concerns, please speak to your partner rather than allowing them to fester. 

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