Money Matters 101: 5 Steps You Must Take to Achieve Financial Freedom

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Achieving financial freedom is everyone’s goal. Although challenging, it is possible to reach this feat. For some, financial freedom means being able to pay your bills on time, while it means early retirement for others.

Whatever the case for you, you will need hard work and self-discipline to get to it. Here are five steps you can take to achieve your financial freedom:

  1. Understand Your Current Financial Status

It is crucial for you to first understand where you are financially before deciding where you want to be. Assess your debts, savings, and the amount you need. Your honesty in this exercise will pay off.

It would also help to be as specific as you can in the figures. Make a list of your student loans, credit cards, car loan, mortgage, or any other debt you have. The sum of all these loans against your savings and income will give you a glimpse of your financial status.

  1. Live Within Your Means

You may never achieve financial freedom without a savings strategy. You can set aside 30 percent of your net income for emergencies and retirement. And if you can't afford that, still try to save some. Also, take weeks, if not months, to decide on cash-intensive purchases. Find out whether you can do without certain expenses or if there are cheaper but effective options available in the market. Track your previous months’ expenditure using spreadsheets or budget-tracking applications and find ways to lower that amount.

  1. Hire a Financial Advisor

If you are just starting your life, you may not require the services of a financial advisor. As you grow your wealth, find one to guide you on your financial journey. Their experience and expertise as professionals will get you on the right track.

As great as their advice is, you need to be disciplined and take action.

  1. Establish a Debt Repayment Plan

One of the most critical steps to your financial success is getting rid of debts. Pay off those loans and mortgages as soon as you can. Remember that bad debts lock you in never-ending cycles. Reducing your debts a step at a time is the right path for you to take.

You can start paying off the debt with the highest interest rates and find ways to consolidate your debts to make it easier to manage them.

  1. Invest

It is not easy to achieve financial freedom while having a single source of income. If you solely depend on your employment, you are risking your economic growth. This is because you could get fired or physically injured, impeding your ability to keep working.

Eventually, paying your bills will become problematic. Find avenues where you could invest in diversifying your income sources. Get a financial expert to guide you.

Seek information from various sources and conduct your research before deciding which way to go. You can apply for shipping jobs to boost your income. Other areas to consider for investment include hedge funds, bonds, and stocks.


Take control of your life today to get to where you want to be financially in the future. There are no shortcuts to amassing wealth, just hard work, and self-discipline.

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