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8 Tips For An Awesome Outdoor Vacation

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Most people that take vacations visit popular destinations, the ones that are typically located near major metropolitan areas, and which offer an endless array of attractions. And there’s nothing wrong with those places -- they’re popular for a reason, and will always provide a good time. However, they’re not the only types of destinations that exist. There’s also the great outdoors. The reason why many people don’t visit nature as much is that it requires a little extra work. However, the extra effort will always reward you.

Get the Right Supplies

When you’re going into the outdoors, you have to play by nature’s rules, especially the weather X-factor. Rain doesn’t matter so much when you’re in New York City, since you can just hide away in a museum. But in nature you’ll have to brave the elements. There's a saying that there’s really no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. If you invest in clothing to match the climate (be it waterproof clothing or light clothing if it’s a hot place), you’ll find that you can stay mostly comfortable throughout your trip.

Pick an Activity

Another reason why people don’t go into nature quite as much is that they’re not quite sure of what they can do there. While it can be fun to simply sit and watch nature, you have to build up to that level of zen-ness -- it might not automatically be enjoyable. So to get the most from your trip, look at building it around an activity. There’s no shortage of fun things to do, such as hiking, biking, skiing, kayaking, and so on. 

Bring Everyone Along

Nature allows you to get everyone involved. If you’re visiting a city, it may be clunky to take the kids along, and especially so if you want to bring your pet with you. When you’re visiting the great outdoors, you can bring everyone. There are Flagstaff pet friendly cabins that’ll allow you to take your dog with you, and dogs love going on adventures in nature. So this is a type of vacation where you don’t have to worry about finding someone to look after your pet -- they’ll be right there with you. 

Cozy Nights

You’ll be out and about and having a lot of fun during the day when you’re on your nature trip, but in the evening, you’ll find that things are slower than what you’re used to in the city. If you’re in a city, you might go out and spend a few hours in a restaurant or bar, but that’ll be less likely in nature (though there might be a restaurant nearby). By and large, your evenings will be spent indoors. This is a great chance to really sink into all the coziness that nature can provide. Play some board games, comfortable clothing, and either sit outside if it’s warm or get the fire going if it’s cold. You’ll find that you’re experiencing a level of peace that you would not ordinarily be able to access. 

Join a Group

If you’re not sure how to go about having a nature vacation, or you’re looking to go somewhere that’s either further afield or a little more dangerous (or both), then look at joining a group. Joining an organized group might not sound like fun when you’re visiting a city, but in nature, it can be highly beneficial. You’ll meet like-minded people, but most importantly, you’ll be led by a guide that knows the territory. You’ll be able to see all the wonders of the environment, without having to do much work. 

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Build Up Your Fitness

It’s a good idea to work on your fitness before you make the trip. One of the advantages of nature trips is that they’re almost automatically good for your fitness. However, if you’re starting from a poor level of fitness, then you might find that things are a little too much for you. You might struggle to complete a hike, for example, or find that you’re a little too stiff and sore afterward. In the weeks leading up to your trip, incorporate exercises that’ll build up the muscles you’ll be using. Once you’re out there, you’ll feel strong and confident that you can handle whatever the trip throws your way. 

Make Sure Your Car Can Handle It

If you’re planning on driving when you’re in nature, then you can get an extra level of peace of mind by ensuring that your vehicle can handle it. It might be fine for exploring your town, but the conditions can be different in nature, especially in mountain zones. Before you take a trip, have your car looked at by a professional. And of course, if you’re renting a vehicle, then select one that is ready to handle nature. Also, be sure to pack an emergency kit -- you never know what might happen when you’re far from civilization, so it’s important that you’re prepared for whatever transpires on the roads. 

Go For Long Enough 

Finally, if there’s one thing to know about the great outdoors, it’s that the longer you spend there, the more you enjoy it. There comes a time when you become in-sync with the natural rhythms of life. You’ll be more at peace, you’ll notice the small things, and you’ll also find that you’re sleeping especially well. This all takes time, however. While it’s just fine to take a 2-3 day trip, if you can stretch it out to a week or two, then you’ll get all the benefits. We are warning you, though -- you might not want to return to the real world. 

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