Fashion Tip: "Fix My Sleeves" from reader

This week I want to answer a question from one our readers.
 Karen365: Dayvee, I know you love to go tothrift stores and I'm sure you buy things that don't always fit. How do you deal with sleeves that are too short? Is that cause to leave it on the rack?

Definitely not!

First, if you have to get something that is illfitting, always opt for bigger. Bigger clothes you can cut down to your size. Smaller sizes there isn't any extra material to work with.
*I do have a tutorial later on in the year on how to add material to pants that are too short, but we're not there yet.

So for the second half of your question, I do understand the issue of finding long sleeved blouses that hit at the wrong spot. I am a tall woman with long, lanky arms. I often have the issue of long sleeves hitting at a spot that makes me look I'm wearing a child's shirt.

But here's an easy fix.
Rolled sleeves

No sewing or cutting required
It may seem obvious, but if you don't want ruin the integrity of the shirt, blouse or sweater, just roll up the sleeves. You can even scrunch the sleeves. Sometimes when I'm spotting and imaging a piece in my wardrobe, I know in advance that I will either have to scrunch the sleeve or roll it up. 

And if you want a semi-permanent fix (to keep the sleeves rolled) you can sew a little stitch on two sides, inside the sleeve.
*let me know if you want photos of this

Snip, nip & tuck
 I have this Ralph Lauren wool sweater I scored from a thrift shop, and I accidently threw it in the dryer when I was doing my intial wash after bring it home from the thrift store.
"thrift wash" tutorial coming soon.

It was goregous and when I got it out of the dryer I choked. It shrunk to the size to fit a baby doll. Luckily I was able to stretch it, but not to it's original state and of course the sleeves were hopeless for my long arms.

Well instead of throwing out the sweater and sucking up a loss, I simply snipped off the sleeves to be a short sleeved piece. And because of the lines in the wool, it is a clean edge that won't roll or shred.

The fun part is choosing short sleeves, capped sleevse and even turning something into a tank top.
And transforming a top into a tank top is another can of worms. Can you imagine, from spaghetti straps to racer back?! That sounds like a lot of fun.
*So I'm teasing now my summer t-shirt cutting series!

After you cut, in some cases you'll need to make a simple hem.
On occasion when I want a puff sleeve, I'll add elastic.

With jackets that are leather, try leather glue! The you don't have to sew at all.
Here's an example of a jean jacket, and after a good wash it will shred around the cut line. That's intentional!
Thanks for writing Karen!

*Let me know what you guys think. And comment if you want a tutorial on this process.


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