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How to Do a Carnival: Check-list, Lingo & Look Book

7/15/2019 0
PLEASE NOTE: This is a guide on how to specifically prepare for Caribbean and Island Carnivals. I recently attended Bermuda's Her...

5 Things To Consider When Choosing The Music For Your Wedding

7/03/2019 0
Image Source Wedding planning comes with a list of things you HAVE to do make your day perfect. Wedding music is one of those tasks, an...

Reasons To See Jersey Boys, the Musical

7/02/2019 0 ‘Jersey Boys’ are on stage in New York City! So, now is the time to sn...

Five Home Improvements That You Can D-I-Y

7/02/2019 0
Image Source Improving your home is something that everyone wants to do but may not always have the talent or skills to do so. However, th...

How to Take a Proper Vacation When You're Self Employed

7/01/2019 0
When you're self-employed, it can feel like you have no time to yourself at all. Taking a vacation? That seems out of the questio...

Dayvee's Ultimate Travel Packing List: Trip Checklist

4/04/2019 3
This has list been requested for years! And I’ve put it off because It’s a daunting task Items in your luggage changes But, ...

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