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Fashion Trend: Mirror Sunglasses

5/24/2018 0
Sun's out Bun's out! It's that season, ya'll. And the perfect companion to your swimsuit and summer dress is a g...

A quick dry scalp solution for the busy traveler

5/16/2018 5
The problem It seems that every curly girl goes through years of trying to figure out the perfect hair maintenance rou...

How to make hair growth oil for just under $2 a bottle

4/18/2018 5
You can walk down the hair isle and be overwhelmed with products.  I have kinky-curly hair, and I often suffer from dry scalp. The prob...

Welcome to Spring! A fashion Film

4/11/2018 4
Spring is here! Well, at least on paper. For many parts of the United States, it seems like we're just going to skip one of my fa...

How to take killer Instragram photos while traveling

3/21/2018 11
These days, taking photos of your vacation is an essential part of your trip plans. I mean, tour guides even map out "Instagram Spo...

How to Travel Like a Global Citizen | featuring the Polaroid Snap Touch Cam

3/14/2018 1
Popular travel experiences include hanging with the locals and visiting far off villages and isolated communities. But often times, it f...

How to remove acne scars

3/07/2018 6
Did you know that I suffer from cystic acne? I started getting acne in my late teens and it still plagues me to this day. I have tri...

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