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4 Tips To Get Out of Your Career Rut

10/12/2020 2 There will come the point in your career where you ask yourself, Is this really it? Don’t be alarmed...

Dodge These Issues Visiting Florida

10/04/2020 2
Pexels CCO License Are you thinking about visiting Florida ? Here are some of the key mistakes that you will need to avoid.  Packing Just Fo...

The Trials of a Long-Distance Relationship

9/30/2020 0   Whether you met your partner traveling or one of you moved away for work, long-distance relationsh...

3 Fun Things to Do by Yourself

9/27/2020 2
Image Credit There is a comfort in doing things with others, but sometimes relying on and waiting for people to do the things you really wan...

Climbing a New Hill: Starting Again With Your Health

9/23/2020 0
Picture - CC0 Licence We can feel like life has taken us down a certain pathway that doesn't give us much freedom. When we make certain ...

Helping Your Partner Through a Medical Diagnosis

9/23/2020 0
Picture Credit Hopefully, both you and your partner live a long and happy life together without any health scares or medical bumps in the ro...

Try These Awesome Crafts When You’re Bored At Home

9/12/2020 0
Pixabay CCO License   A lot of people struggle being stuck at home during lockdown. One of the reasons for this is because the options of th...

Spice Up Your Bedroom With These Sensual Design Features

9/03/2020 0
Image Source - Pexels   Is your bedroom setting the mood for romance, or doing nothing more than dulling the spark? The design of your bedro...

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