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How to Travel Like a Global Citizen | featuring the Polaroid Snap Touch Cam

3/14/2018 0
Popular travel experiences include hanging with the locals and visiting far off villages and isolated communities. But often times, it f...

How to remove acne scars

3/07/2018 0
Did you know that I suffer from cystic acne? I started getting acne in my late teens and it still plagues me to this day. I have tri...

D-I-Y: How to cut a t-shirt | Fringe hem

2/28/2018 0
This is post #1 in our T-shirt series. This idea has been on my desk for our four years. I never got around to it.  But, now we are...

How to build a Journalist Go-Bag

2/21/2018 0
Dayvee interviewing in the field while a reporter. I have spent 14 years as traditional broadcast journalist before I ventured out on m...

Vogue Beauty Secrets: My Travel Makeup Routine

2/14/2018 0
Before // After If you watch youtube beauty tutorials, you'll see the girls are spoofing Vogue's Beauty Secrets videos. It&...

Unique hotels in Central Portugal

2/07/2018 0
A nation full of ancient tales of queens and kings, medieval times, the Moors to finally settling on a border with Spain, which happens...

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