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I've often said

 "What better place to celebrate the Nation's Birthday than the Nation's Capital?"

A few years ago, I did just that.

Big smile in front the the Washington Memorial with the sky on fire!

Now you have a chance to do the same...THIS YEAR!

Those who break rules create trends - in fashion at least. Finding your own style can be difficult, especially when Madison Avenue dictates what's "in".

Meet Emily - she's young, she's hip, and she does her own thing. Check out some of her favorite outfits, and feel free to pick up a tip or two from the girl herself! (or just hire her as your personal stylist)

"Clothing is an expression of who you really are and what you are really 

feeling; it’s a way of wearing your soul on the outside..." Emily L.

Fashion: Be A Rule Breaker

We hear the message over and over about "being tried by fire."
It seems that this life is set up in a way that in order for you to have true strength and success, you must hit rock bottom.
Unfortunately, there's no way around it. Oh, how we wish it were much easier than that!
This beautiful artist painted faces all day on participants.

I was invited back to Wind River Cancer Wellness Retreat for an all day celebration with cancer survivors.

And there is nothing that speaks more to that truth than that!

Real Life: Rising Like A Phoenix

Jamberry Nail Wraps are still as popular as ever. 
I got the opportunity to try them out again just in time for my college graduation. As some of you may remember, I can do makeup, but I cannot paint my nails. I might as well have a two year old color my nails up to the knuckles with a sharpie.

So I got these cute new Jams from Jam Nails by Jeanette - read on to see what's new in the line.

No cap decorating allowed this year. At least I had super cute nails!!!!

I was recently in the airport...
I know...what's new?!
Well, I had time between flights for a meal.

I went to Atlanta Chophouse.
And much to my surprise they asked me if I wanted the Restaurant Month menu.

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