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The climate is thick.
And it's not going anywhere soon.
It's about time the United States faces it's demons head-to-head.

Racism Lives

and it's ruining our it always has.
photo courtesy Dr. Jason JohnsonThis is the calm before the storm - me and my crew preparing our social media at the O'Malley/Sanders townhall at Netroots Nation

You can never wear too much denim!

Fashion: It's all about the jeans!

"Resting Bitch Face" via Urban Dictionary:

"a person, usually a girl, who naturally looks mean when her face is expressionless, without meaning to"

Beauty: Resting "B" Face...

You hear all the time about people snagging great flight deals, but when it's time for you to book your trip, you always end up with retail prices.

Here's a travel tip video with five ways you can score a cheap flight.

And you'll get a beautiful look at my trip to Costa Rica in December of 2012.


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Have you ever heard someone refer to another as their "person"? I never knew what people were talking about until I started binge watching Grey's Anatomy last summer after knee surgery.

This is my person! This guy has my back during the good, the bad, and the ugly.

It's a beautiful idea. Everyone needs one. When life gets crazy, there's got to be that one person that is in it with you, no matter what is going down.

Real Life: Why you need a "Person"

We Support #oursons

We Support #oursons
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