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Jettiquette: How to deal with traveling offenses

1/10/2018 0
Flights are the necessary evil for us to get to our destinations - whether that's fun in the sun, a visit to grandma’s house or a b...

My 2017 Year in Hotels

1/03/2018 0
It's been another busy year in travel.  I am continually thankful. Now, check out this year's collection of hotels that I stay...

A lesson on how to make an epic day

12/27/2017 0
This is it people! The last few days of 2017. No matter what your year was like, I'm sure you're going into the new one with...

The 2017 Gift Guide for Travelers

12/13/2017 0
After a year of testing and reviewing products, We are proud to present the 2017 Daily Affair Gift Guide for Travelers. With coupon...

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