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Our favorite flight attendant is back to give her best tips and insider stories about the friendly skies. 

Take notes because she drops some great insight.

1. be mindful that not all travelers are going on vacation. Some are in transport for medical conditions, some are going to visit bury family members.

2. flight attendants are not over paid waiters or waitresses. Their primary duty is for safety, mandated by the FAA.

3. the most critical parts of the flight are during takeoff and landing.

4. the many rules you hear before and during flight are created by the federal government. So it is pointless to try and negotiate the rules. It is actually illegal for the flight staff to break any rules on your behalf. The consequence will be fines and even jail.

5. you can ask for the whole can of pop/soda!

6. please don't side eye the mom's with screaming infants on the plane. Sometimes, you can even offer to lend a helping hand.

7. don't fly while congested. It's painful and can have permanent damage to eardrums.

8. did you know that the pilots can control the air temperature on the airplane. If there are enough complaints, the flight attendants can call the cabin and ask them to adjust it.

9. warnings for barefoot passengers, even in socks, the restrooms are disgusting! Many people have bad aim in the sky (for number 1 and number 2)! Bringing Clorox wipes is NOT a bad idea.

10. the biggest difference with Economy comfort is that there is more leg room. The seat sizes are the same.

11. before the cabin door is closed, but once boarding is nearly finished, if you see a better seat, politely ask the flight attendant if you can change to that seat.

12. flight attendants remember and will give extra rewards if you are genuinely kind to them!

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I was invited to the Design Essentials Private party after the 2015 Bronner Brothers Show and got a couple of full sized goodies. 

Check it out in another "What's in My Goodie Bag" video.

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Technology Has Changed Us for Good
by Lucretia Black

Over the course of the past ten years, individuals have had to adapt to the side of the social spectrum that they feel most comfortable. Prior to the dawn of social media, naturally social people would get more enjoyment out of face-to-face interactions and often times still do. The "selfie stick" has allowed naturally introverted people to engage in a seemingly annoying sport to many travelers on the go. Yes, this might be a wild accusation to some, but in the early 90's you could compare such individuals to those flying kites out in the park with the same extension of themselves for the majority to see.

Not only, are "selfie sticks" an excuse for some to utilize as a new hobby, this technology has caused enough of a distraction for travelers nearby. reports, ranked the #1 biggest travel pet peeve of 2015 with a chart topping 42% of votes has been the usage of "selfie sticks." Historic sites across the world, including Disneyland,have outlawed this tool with more sites soon to follow suit.

If you are truly utilizing one of these devices for its sole purpose, it can hinder the essence of your travels for a few main reasons: it allows for antisocial activity, it is a distraction, it can be in the way of others (depending on how active the crowd might be at the time, and can in some cases would be disruptive. If using this tool for those hard to reach group (pulling an occasional Ellen DeGeneres) or cool professional landscape photos, then I'll say go for it. Soon this fad will probably go in terms of just annoying others around you, but who knows what the future holds. Perhaps, a flying device with a remote instead?! *wink*

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Travel: The #1 Pet Peeve of 2015

Travel in itself is one of the most rewarding experiences. You get to see new places, immerse yourself in new experiences, try new cuisines and meet incredibly vibrant and unique people. However, not all travel is created equal.
You can be a tourist - or a traveler!

Let’s be travelers and immerse ourselves in as many experiences as we can.

Here's some tips to travel like a local.

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Travel: 5 Ways to Travel Like A Local | Part 1

It's My Birthday so here's my plans - Have you Escape'd the Room, yet? And Mexican food, please!

Also, travel tips on the week coming up to score flights for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

And what's the big deal about airport lounges...did you know you can get in them without being an elite traveler?

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