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This week Dayvee talks breaking news about the Napa Valley Wine train, getting her Global Entry card and top romantic travel destinations.

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My mother has always told me, "Someone has to pay retail, but not us!" I guess that lesson sunk in well, because I am all about the sales, clearance deals, and when it comes to clothing, the thrift shops.

Amazing deals can be had if you have the time and patience to look. Often times I'll even find clothing with the original tags still on. The only thing better than scoring a great outfit/dress/shirt is knowing I've paid less than $5 for it.

Check out this video to see some of my faves...

Thrifting is not for everyone. It's not pretty. It's not glamorous. Some places are not the cleanest. I work around this by always keeping disposable medical gloves in my car, and then bringing my purchases home and dumping them straight into the washing machine. I wash each piece on hot, three times. Yes, even the expensive gowns. I have yet to destroy anything this way, and even if I did, I'd only be out a few dollars.

I bought the white corset in this photo for a dollar, and created this Mary Poppins themed costume for an additional $10 with craft store items
Photo: Madison Parker

Obligatory bathroom selfie at an event. Dress and shoes (still with tags on), total $11.00!!!!

Those lines though!!!

The necessary evil: trying it on

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On a recent trip to the Virgin Islands, my luggage was temporarily lost from the seaplane transport.

Now you know, I think checking your bag is for suckas! But on certain small planes, where you have to be weighed to get on, they make you check your luggage.

This week Dayvee shares info for a Flash Flight sale and plays a game of True or False with facts about the airlines.

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Good news for those of you who have lately found yourself in
the “relationship doghouse”.
Today is National Kiss & Make Up Day!

Events: National Kiss & Make Up Day

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