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Beauty: Marilyn Monroe's Makeup Artist

Marilyn Monroe has remained a classic example of luminous beauty since the 1950's. By all accounts, she was stunning even without makeup. She had a close relationship with her makeup artist, Whitey Snyder. And boy, did Mr. Snyder have some tricks up his sleeve!!!!

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Eyeliner: Never black, always a shade of brown, Whitey applied it to Marilyn's top and bottom lids, but extended both lines outward, instead of having them meet in the outer corner of her lid. He used a white eyeliner pencil on her waterline, and in between the two extended brown lines.

Bright Eyes: Whitey always applied a small dot of red on the inner corner of Marilyn's lids, to make her eyes appear that much whiter and brighter. 

Lips: It's been said that Mr. Snyder used 5 different shades of lipstick to give Marilyn her perfect red pout. He used a bit of white right above the bow of her top lip to accentuate her mouth. 

Marilyn's face was essentially perfect, but Whitey used all the highlighting and shading tricks in the book. More on how to do those in a future article...
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