I've Found The BEST Hairfinity Dupe

I've used Hairfinity for about three years now, and I really don't have anything bad to say about it...except it drains my budget.

At approximately $30/bottle, and you need a bottle every month...for best results, that's quite a lot just for some supplements to grow your hair.

I did experience some bad or annoying side effects - like hair growth...and I mean hair growth everywhere hair grows! (Eeek!) Also breakouts...which tends to happen if you are acne prone. And I am.

Just when I was about to quit taking hair supplements altogether, I did one more internet search - I've searched many times before, but there wasn't anything close. Biotin was too harsh, and generic renditions were worthless. But this time, I found something that amazed me - a supplement with almost identical ingredients and dosage as Hairfinity. You see, Hairfinity's claim to fame is it's unique formulas. So I searched using ingredient combinations and it revealed Maxi Hair!

(l) Hairfinity (r) Maxi Hair
You can see head-to-head the ingredients are practically identical, as well as, the dosages.

I've found this alternative that costs about $12/bottle, and here's how I breakdown the costs:

*update: I've misread the Maxi Hair instructions. Serving size is 4 pills/day. So that amounts to about $0.52/ day...still half the cost of Hairfinity.

Checkout my video review below and let me know if you will try Maxi Hair!

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  1. thanks so much for the info! I'm going to try maxi hair!!

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