5 Fab Skincare Tips to "Fall" For

Fall is a bright, beautiful season - shouldn't your skin be just as brilliant? 

Check out our favorite regimen for a seamless Summer-to-Fall transition.

Embrace the oil

Oil based scrubs are an excellent way to go on the dry-skin defense and prepare it for harsher weather. Look for protective products that contain sunflower, soybean, coconut or olive oils for healthy hydration. 

Switch to Cream Cleansers

Gel-based cleansers feel great in the summer, but they don't contain the extra moisture your skin needs as the weather grows cooler. A thicker, cream-based cleanser is especially important for those who are already prone to dry skin. Avoid the discomfort of dry, chapped skin by adapting your skin care routine to the season. 

Don't Skip the Lips

Nothing feels worse in the cooler weather 
than stinging, chapped lips. Choose a balm with a beeswax base for optimum comfort and care. 

Summer is Over, Sunscreen is Not!

According to skincancer.org, "The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends that everyone develop a year-round sun protection regimen to reduce the risk of skin cancer." A sunscreen with a good moisturizer should be an essential part of your morning routine, no matter what the season. 

Try Vitamin E

Most of us are tempted to step into a 
lovely, hot shower when the weather turns cool. If you are unable to switch to a tepid water shower, consider slathering on a Vitamin E-based cream just before you're completely dry. This helps lock in moisture and protect against the hot water's drying effect. 

    So what skin care products do you use?

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