First Look: Cam Newton's C1N Hometown shoe represents the culture

I was invited by Cam Newton's team to be a part of a select panel where he wanted to unveil and talk about his first lifestyle shoe for Under Armour.

Newton, an Atlanta native, is always repping his city. When he talks about the area that raised him, College Park, he beams, never forgetting that he beat the odds with his successes and achievements.
C1N Hometown available July 20, 2017
The C1N Hometown is a fire-red mid-top. Red, he said, is for "Hotlanta" and "I've always wanted that to be number one - representing the culture." Newton spoke about his anticipation for others, especially kids, to wear these shoes. He said that of course the kids would be excited, but it will never match his pleasure that they will wear them.

Hometown releases 7/20/17. The rest of the line will be available at various times the rest of the year.
In addition to his shoe line, Newton has a suit line, MADE, sold at Belk stores. But of course, you can't have Cam Newton in the room and not talk about his own personal style. You'd be hard pressed to see Newton publicly these days without a show-stopping outfit.

Remember, Newton made headlines in Spring with his floral outfit at Coachella. He had the internet debating if it was a romper (or romp-him) or a matching short set.

During our exclusive chat, Newton said if he had to, he would compare his style to the flare that the NBA's Russell Westbrook has. 
"Except he gets his stuff from the runway, and I get mine from the mall." 
Newton said he prides himself on the fact that he doesn't have a stylist. (I'm sure many have tried to offer their services. I mean, how fun would that be?!) He said that he and his girlfriend truly enjoy shopping and playing around with fashion.

Under Armour used the event to show off some other Atlanta flavor.

First, there was a live demonstration of a "Living Walls" event. Living Walls is an Atlanta-based nonprofit that creates intentional, thought-provoking public art to inspire social change and activate public spaces. This was an opportunity to watch some pretty cool local artists, including Greg Mike, in a 90 minute battle using just black ink to create a mural.

Then, Cam Newton introduced 2 Chainz, who was supposed to perform just five songs. But Newton was so lit and kept 2 Chainz on stage for a while longer. Newton said, "If he has to go, fine. I'll just rap!" It was seriously so much fun to see the football star rapping, dancing and just enjoying the space he was in. It was infectious!

Here's more pics from the event, followed by a wrap up video of it all.

So, are you gonna grab these shoes?

What do you think about them?

 Let us know and we'll post it here!

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