D-I-Y: How to cut a t-shirt | Fringe hem

This is post #1 in our T-shirt series.

This idea has been on my desk for our four years.
I never got around to it. 
But, now we are here!

I have loads of t-shirts, from giveaways, events, etc.
Most of them are dated with the event, ill fitting, or just ugly.
Also, how many t-shirts can a person wear?

Well, in this series I will show you how you can easily make ordinary t-shirts into pieces in your wardrobe that you will actually want to wear!

The Fringe

This is one of my favorite styles and anyone can do it. 

That is why it's just a 1 on our D-I-Y scale.

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If you prefer to read the steps, here they are!
Materials needed:
* t-shirt
This example is with a 100% cotton t-shirt.

Fold the t-shirt in half vertically. 
Match the sleeves together.

Cut the sleeves to your desired length.
I typically leave 2-3 inches.

Remove the collar. It's best to cut along the seam.

A look at the sleeves and collar removed.

Now, cut the hem. Stay close to the seam line.

Fold the bottom of the t-shirt to about 1 inch below the armpit. Or to your desired length.

Cut vertical strips of the folded hem, about 1 1/12 inch wide. (This doesn't have to be accurate in width. Note, the skinnier the strips, the more fringe you will have. The sider, the less.)

Once cut, stretch and pull the fringe...

You will only have to pull the t-shirt fringe this one time. It should keep it's shape even after washing and wearing.

Optional: tie a know at the bottom of the fringe.

Final look of the fringed hem.

Issa a look: after the t-shirt has been washed.

Got a DIY project you want me to try? Let us know and we'll post it here!

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