How to pack for 9 days

how to pack

On a recent trip, I had to pack for nine days.

It was a trip that mixed adventure, a business conference, and a social hangout at two different destinations. The temperatures I had to pack for ranged from the low 60's to high 80's, with the chance of rain for some of the days. But, I was still determined to just carry-on my luggage.

It took some pre-planning of outfits, but I did it.
Check the video to see what I packed.

Here's a detailed list of what I packed:

  • chambray jumpsuit
  • chambray tunic
  • flowy tunic
  • x2 t-shirts
  • x2 tank tops
  • x2 long-sleeve t-shirts
  • black leggings
  • skirt
  • x2 outdoor pants
  • outdoor pants
  • rash guard shirt
  • casual dress
  • x2 cocktail dress

  • x9 underwear
  • x 4bras
  • x3 socks
  • swimsuit
  • satin scarf
  • pajamas (not seen)

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how to pack

  • hiking shoes
  • heels
  • casual sneakers
  • flip-flops
  • black casual shoes (worn on airplane)

how to pack

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Are you 'team carry-on' or would you just rather check you bag?

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how to pack

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