6 Tips For Planning An Outdoor Wedding

Getting married under an open sky could make your wedding all the more magical - but there are risks to get married outdoors.
Whether you choose to get married on the beach or in your backyard, here are several tips that will ensure your special day goes according to plan.

Time it right
Whilst there’s no way of guaranteeing good weather, certain times of the year are likely to have a greater chance of sunshine. Try to plan your wedding within these months. There are some locations around the world where you may actually want to plan your wedding for when its coolest – extreme heat could be just as unpleasant as rain. Alternatively, you may be able to get married in the morning or evening when it is less hot. With a beach wedding, the time of day could also be important to consider so that you can work around the tide.

Look into relevant permits
Most places outdoors will be owned by a landowner – you should gain permission from this landowner before getting married. This includes public beaches and even national parks. You may also need to organize a tent permit, a noise ordnance and a fire marshal inspection depending on local laws.

Consider a venue with indoor and outdoor space
Having the option of indoor space could allow you to form a contingency plan if it rains. You could also plan to have the ceremony indoors but go outside for the afterparty. Farm venues such as Mint Springs Farm can be ideal for giving you these options. Alternatively, you could look into stately homes with large grounds.

Put up a marquee
If there’s no nearby building to escape into, another option could be to hire marquee to shelter under if it starts to rain. Marquees may also be able to provide shelter from the wind and heat. There are plenty of companies like Star Tent that can provide such marquees.  

Choose the appropriate dress and footwear
Certain dresses and footwear aren’t the best for outdoor e events. A long trail may be a waste of money if you are just going to drag it in the mud, and traditional heels or thick platform slippers could have you sinking in the sand or grass. Consider wearing flats or sneakers especially if you have a floor-length dress to cover them up.

Protect the food
Don't forget the food! The food will need to be covered up throughout the duration of the wedding to protect it from the sun, the rain and various pests. A cloche may be needed for the cake (or you may be able to keep it refrigerated indoors somewhere until the cake-cutting ceremony). There are outdoor catering companies that you can hire, such as Farmstead Catering, who will be able to make all these considerations for you.  

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