5 Reasons To Take A Break From Dating

Anyone who’s been single for more than five minutes can tell you that the dating game can be super fun and also - pretty tough. No dating phase is ever the same, and you’ll get the good, the bad, and plenty of stories to tell along the way. When you’re having a blast, there's no need to throw in the towel, but if you’re feeling a little jaded, it could be time to check-in and regroup. If you can relate, here are five reasons it might be time to have a break from dating. 

1 . You’re Feeling Cynical 
Many of us will experience those times when our dating life just doesn’t seem to be going all that well! When you find yourself with a string of bad dating stories, and you’re scrolling the apps with little life force left- a little break could be in order! Of course, it’s normal to get a bit fed up when you're just not meeting the right people. Yet remember, dating is at least supposed to be fun- so if your feeling way more cynical than positive, try taking a step back.

2. To Put Yourself First
Dating can be lots of fun, but let’s face it, it takes up a whole lot of time, too. If you’re using dating apps- it can feel like a lot with all that chatting and swiping. When you’re enjoying yourself, it’s all in good fun. Yet sometimes, it can feel like your spending more time dating than you are focusing on yourself. When you want a little me time back, don’t feel that you’re missing out. Trade the date nights to work on your blog, go to yoga, or read an inspiring book. Sometimes we just need to take some time back that’s just for us.

3. Create Space For New Friends 
Relationships, long-term or otherwise, will often come and go. It’s friendships that are often here to stay, and that offer us a loving support network during our downtimes. Why not take some time while you’re single to branch out and make some new pals? It could be by joining a new class, for instance. There are many worthwhile experiences out there that are best achieved alone- so go on, put yourself out there and surprise yourself. 

4. You’re Feeling Emotionally Drained
When you feel like your going from one clueless man to the other, a rain check is probably in order! No relationships are easy, whether long-term, short-term, serious or casual. Becoming a little emotionally drained is normal and all you need to do is take some space. Give yourself some time alone, exercise, cook new things, see friends or walk amongst nature. Choose any form of self-care that gives your mood a lift.

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