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3 Fun Things to Do by Yourself

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There is a comfort in doing things with others, but sometimes relying on and waiting for people to do the things you really want will leave you disappointed. You'll find that people will make big plans to explore or do adventurous things, but will cancel or end up forfeiting their spot. That doesn't mean that you should not do what you planned. But often when you are young, you do. For me it was out of fear. Anxiety would overtake my excitement for the experience, and so I'd end up abandoning the very thing I really wanted to do. Bronnie Ware, an Australian nurse and counselor, said many of her senior patients regretted not allowing themselves to be happier when they were young. So here's a list of things that you can do that are really tangible.

  1. Take a Trip Alone

If you have not done this already, now is the time. Something as simple as booking a hotel as a staycation or a short road trip will be enough for you to realize, that solo travel is truly freeing. When you travel solo, you push yourself out of your comfort zone. You discover yourself in new ways and create lasting memories.

  1. Move Abroad

According to research conducted by OnePoll, 11% of 2000 respondents across the US said they had never traveled outside the state they were born. 40% have never left the country. Once in a while, take time to explore a different city. Such an experience will give you a new perspective on life and teach you useful skills such as navigating unknown places, where to eat and where not to dine, and more.

  1. Explore Relationships

Figure out ways to push yourself to meet new people and explore relationships. Increase your social network by going to more social events, try dating apps and websites like, or join clubs and sports. Experts also encourage you to date a lot. You don't hear this mainstream very often, but it will help you figure out the type of person you want to be with. It will either be a good experience or a bad one. But whatever the case, you will know the kind of person with whom you want to spend your time. You will also learn a lot about yourself as a partner.

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