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Over the years we've had a great group of writers and guest contributors.

Here you can check out the gals!

Dani Lazaro

Senior Contributor
I am a typical 21st century kind of girl, juggling career, kids and life in general. I'm passionate about uplifting other women and being your best self. My love of style and beauty combined with my background in film/print/tv allows me to pursue and share my tips and tricks on our site. I also speak at events, so if you'd like to book me contact me!
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Twitter @makeupcupcake
Instagram: @danilazaro71

Lucretia Black

Social Media Guru
Through the eyes of this freelance blogger, I invite you to delve into connecting the growth of many different styles of urban culture back to the trends of natural simplicity. Here I hope to inspire your interest in the strategies of very subtle color blocking throughout fashion, home decor, and beauty as well as review the trends of others.
*follow Lucretia on IG @NoiresCloset

Darlinda Belton
Grandma's Closet
I believe in stepping out the box and creating my own twist on trends. Sometimes those trends are just recycled and updated. I'll give you tips on how to shop from your Grandma's closet. It's my favorite place to fashion treasures. Always remember it's the small details that stand out!

*Follow Darlinda: Twitter @DarLindaBelton

Keeta Bell


I’m a freelance journalist who has worked in the television industry for over 10 years, with a Master’s degree in Sports Management. True to my Gemini sign, I have a wide array of interests - I love to act, watch old movies (anything Audrey Hepburn!), write poetry, volunteer and play hoops. I'm also one of the editors of The Daily Affair. Got a story? Email me 
Twitter: @MissKeetaJ
Instagram: MSKEETA_JAY

 Brittany Begley

The Real Housewife of Coupon County
I cover everything that my crazy life brings my way: from how to plan an awesome birthday party for your kids on a dime, to how to whip up healthy meals that are delicious enough for your husband to eat. I work in TV so beauty and fashion are a big part of my life, and I'll tell you how I make it all work. 
*follow Brittany: Twitter: @BrittanyBegley

Sasha Manley

Natural High
I'm the creator of  the Natural HIGH blog: we mix of beauty, DIYs and style. (A Best Blogs of 2013 from Carolina Style Magazine.) When not busy blogging, I'm on the hunt for vintage items. Here, I share my favorite discoveries of my passion and I'd love to get your favorite tips too!   
*follow Sasha: Twitter: @NaturalHighBlog
Instagram: NaturalHighBlog

     Ewanda Thompson

Fit 4 You
I'm a Fitness Professional, Professor of Exercise Science and Owner Operator of Fit 4 You, LLC in Charlotte, N.C. With over 30 years of experience, I personal train athletes as well as individuals looking to achieve their fitness goals.  Here, I'll share my simple and quick fitness and nutritious tips for everyday people so every day you can see the results you want!

Sarah Cassidy

The look...for less
I cover trends, celebrity style, duplicates you can try, wish list looks and the look for less. Professionally I'm a  freelance stylist, personal shopper and wardrobe consultant. Some of my best thrift store “finds” are a vintage YSL silk blouse for $8, Marc Jacobs ballet flats for $11 and a Susana Monaco dress for $5! I can't wait to share with you how I do it!
*Contact Sarah: click here

Jimese Orange

FUN Muse
Can you tell that I am a free and creative spirit? I share that on my platform F.U.N. Muse each week. Professionally my background in marketing, but I balance life with holistic natural living. I'm a lover of the arts, music, fashion and traveling adventures she lives and breathes "Fun" as a lifestyle.
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