Bowl Games

Well the Bowl Championship Series is coming to a close. The Rose Bowl tonight with Texas (#2) vs. USC(#1)...[boo -SC! By the way, I am a UCLA alumina. I am obligated to boo everytime USC is]

Well, this time of the year always makes me reminisce back to my college days...the bands, the fans dressed in school colors, the generic jersey;s on the field. Well, I digress.

Congress has had an extra interest in sports lately. Earlier this year (after the steroids hearings) they said they will take a closer look at the BCS. The know...usually the school rankings are guessed, opinionated and based on bogus stats that hardly paint a true picture of a clear winner or looser. Well that's the age old argument. But, I have a new beef with the bowl games.
Why are there so many bowl games?
Currently there are about 28 bowl games!
Remember the day when it was the greatest thing for your school to go to a bowl game in December. It was cool because everyone couldn't go. Now you don't even have to have an all the way winning season to go to a bowl game. C'mon, lets everyone go to a bowl game! That's crap!
You see, when you're at a bowl game and you get a ring. If its rare to get the ring, then its valuable. If it's unique to go to a championship game, then you're special. BUT, IF EVERYONE GOES...THEN IT IS NOT SUPER COOL ANYMORE.
I'm just saying...

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