Keyword of the day? Clue: has something to do with the RoseBowl.

Oh yeah!...and the winner is...Vince Young! (and the, the world goes wild.) And if you didn't know who he was before, well, last night that young man had the attention of America on one of the biggest stages.
I know it was talked about for many hours today. Definite water cooler discussion.
You must also give it up. That RoseBowl game was one of the best BCS games I've ever seen. Its destined to be named a classic. You love games that keep you up when you're supposed to be sleep; games that keep you guessing and cheering until the very end.
And you gotta love his heart. It's always great to watch athletes who play with passion. Young literally took the team on his shoulders and was determined to win.
When's the last time a QB litterally rushed for 3 TD's?
Oh, boy! That young man is something to be watched. Thrilling to gaze at... like Michael Vick. That's why we love him so...Micheal Vick, and America's newest sweetheart Vince Young; a.k.a. the new Micheal Vick?)

I am actually really excited for this new class of players. Like this years champ Cadillac Williams addition to the pro league. Chad Johnsons and Steve's Smith's antics reminds us of the primetime of old, Deion Sanders...when football was fun. So, what happens next when Marcus Vick and Vince Young go pro. Again I say...Oh, boy!

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