Chapelle Show will be back

Today Dave Chapelle will make an appearance on Oprah. He explains the circumstances and reasons for his disappearance last year. Oprah laughs with him, and also confronts the questions from the tabloids. She tried to get him to admit that he went crazy. Chapelle is adamant on expressing he did not loose it.
Dave Chapelle later sincerely announced he would love to continue with his #1 show under certain circumstances...mostly, if he could have fun again and give back to the community. (Apparently after the big contract announcement, and the success of the DVD sales, his fun world turned to a highly stressful, chaotic environment.)

Anyway, this is good news for Chapelle Show fans. So in honor of another successful BLACK MAN (in this 2006 Black History month) here is a clip from the show..."Reparations"

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