The Fantastic World of Sports

Since it's BHM: I'll start with Shani Davis, as he goes into the history books as the first African-American male to individually win Gold in the winter Olympics.
Shani Davis is an speed-skater, and took Gold in the 1000m, and Silver in the 1500m race. Big-ups Shani.

Am I wrong to chuckle everytime I see this?
I was actually working this event and I couldn't beleive there were 4 falls in the second round of ice-dancing. Isn't this the Olmympics? Well, the lull of the evening was over when Canada's Patrice Lauzon let Marie-France Bubreuil fly to the ice. (Oh, my! And I made sure my editor used the slow motion shots, because those were the best sports clips of the week!!)

NBA All-Star weekend.
I was also working that event...well the Saturday night events, which used to be my favoritte above the game itself. But, as the players showed their lack-luster excitement to participate in the events (,by which they still got paid thousands of dollars even if they lost), and Kenny Smith cheating to make Nate Robinson win the slam-dunk was clear that the only reason to watch were to see the Hollywood theatrics of TNT, Charles Barkley's comments, and the stars in the audience! (I mean c'mon...shouldn't you just loose by principal for taking 14 tries?!)

Finally, you can't forget the Daytona 500!
It's more exciting than ever, and received the highest ratings in Nascar history. Unlike most other sports, Nascar starts the season with their biggest event. (Other sports, basketball, football, hockey, baseball, soccer, etc, end the seasons with their big games.) The Daytona 500 had more ratings than the NBA finals and baseball playoffs, which air at prime-time. The Daytona 500 was on Sunday in the early afternoon!
So, big ups to Jimmie Johnson , the winner.


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