Bites from a Socialite:Hot-lanta Fashion? Do they know what they are doing?

Hey everyone, I have a treat for you. My column "Bites from a Socialite" is back. (You can check out the column in different periodicals around the country and on the net. And starting today, well post it on the Daily Affair.)
So, I've invited a special guest writer for this month's edition. Her name is Cherron Garrett, who is an Associate Producer at KEF Media, Associates. Enjoy!

A hot night out in Hotlanta, that's exactly what it was Friday night at MB1 Motoring. A celebrity car show/fashion show was hosted benefiting the Keep a Child Alive organization, offering resources to children and families suffering from the Aids Pandemic in the world's poorest countries. Celebs in the house? more like celeb.....singular, Big Boi from outcast was in the audience supporting talent from his Purple Ribbon Record Label as well as wife Sherlita Patton's P.Valentine boutique which had items featured in the show.

The best thing: Definite highlight of the night was the musical performance of
Janelle Monae who performed her new single "Letting Go". People, this girl can sing, I mean Mariah watch out. She sang and danced like an old pro, though she looked to be in her late teens, definitely the highlight of the night be sure to check out the pic we snagged of her dancers, and some others who just happened to be in close proximity, I am sure they will stand out to you in the picture!

Word of the night: "Urban Couture" The show was marketed with this deceptive theme I found myself sitting there wondering do these people know what couture is? I consider myself quite the knowledgeable person when it comes to fashion, and camo capris with pink patent leather heels doesn't exactly say high fashion to me, typically I think of Chanel, Dior, Lanvin, you know, those who painstakingly sit in ateliers hand sewing elaborate gowns that should be seen in a museum instead of on a runway, often on those models who look like they should be force-fed lard, and are far from attractive. There were tons of unique characters in the house as well, dreads, ghetto glam, tomboy chic, hood rat... all types were represented. The night proved perfect for people watching and mingling with those in the fashion industry, music, media and those there just hoping to catch a glimpse of a star or two. At the end of the nighttime well spent, entertaining, humorous, and promising of more fun to come in the summer months.
· from your girl for now kiddies, talk at you later!

Thanks so much Cherron! And guys, she also wanted me to mention that the proceeds of this event went to the Keep A Child Alive Foundation. For more info CLICK HERE
AND, another special treat. Wanna hear that girl she was raving about. I was there too, and this girl is hot. She's fun, and you can hear her single by CLICKING THIS LINK. and click on "Rate The Music-New!"
You know I always hook you up!

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