Weird Dream

I had a weird dream last night...maybe it was a nightmare. The "Little Shop of Horrors" plant that could talk, Audrey II, kept coming to my house...except it really wasn't my house. But, it was my home in the dream, and my family was there. He would come in the house anytime, and he was after me. He wanted was attracted to me. Except, he would intimidate me, but not harm me. But, I thought he would harm me because I was afraid.

I remember I just wanted him to leave. But, I would never tell him so. He was bitter, and again...I was afraid. (Maybe because he was a big, ugly plant, that wanted me...and I didn't know why!) Sometimes he would leave. Then I would feel relieved...for a moment; because just as relief would find its way to me...HE WOULD COME BACK!

"Why?" say, would you dream of the plant named Audrey II, who starred in the movie "Little Shop of Horrors"? I have a strong feeling it slipped into my subconscious yesterday. As I was driving home from work, some radio hosts were talking about monsters. They were rating the top 5 of [their] all-time. I was barely paying attention, and I'm lucky that I ended up dreaming of a a mean plant. The other top monsters they discussed were the girl (Linda Blair) from "Poltergeist", "Nightmare on Elm Street"'s Freddy Kruger, and Chucky from "Child's Play".
Boy...if I would've dreamed of any of those guys...I can't imagine what I'd be doing this morning!
I could also imagine my father saying something like, "That's why you are supposed to guard your spirit." once he reads this post.
No kidding!

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