Don't Be Fooled...ALERT! ALERT!

Am I hearing double by two up & coming cuties? There are two Christina Milian types (cute...decent voice...popish sound) with ballad singles that are being released about now. (By the way Nick Cannon's on & off girl has a new release too. Right-CLICK HERE to check out her "myspace" page.)

1st is LeToya Luckett, of Destiny's Child fame...though I give her a pass now, now signed with Capitol. Enough time has lapsed and she has been patient and deserves a fresh ear. She has a single "Torn". Right-CLICK Here for the video from Yahoo! or CLICK on her image to stream the song>>>>

Next is the multi-racial hottie ("black, asian, and Indian" she says) Mila J, signed with TUG Entertainment und Universal. She has a single "Complete" . Here's the video:

Mila J's "Pussy Cat Dolls" look is very appealing to the west-coast. Her raspy voice is easy to listen to. LeToya's a veteran whose time is now because there isn't really anybody stealing the spotlight now. So well see the battle of the new pop stars...and don't forget, Christina Milian is going for her 4th, 5th or 6th album release this summer too. (Boy, I think she has the worst luck out of all the Disney Channel All-Stars!)
By the way, the original song is "You are Everything" originally released by Diana Ross, a Motown original!

**Have fun and stream LeToya's song and play Mila J's video at the same time**

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