Day 7

Day 7
...Arrived at CNN, went in for the World Sport show, did some research, logged for the Golf Show, and ended the day around 5pm. (We had an interview scheduled with "Rafa" Nadal again. It was supposed to be a look behind the scenes as he and his fellow Spanish tennis players watched Espana's team (loose) in the World Cup semi's. Also, one with female Tennis legend Martina Navratilova. But, they both didn't happen.)

Time flew by anyway, and I still had some energy left, so I walked up Oxford St. hoping to finally spend some money to enhance my wardrobe. (That's a good reason, right?)
Well, it was a bust...there wasn't anything I found that I couldn't find in the U-S. (I've been tipped on the best shop stops. But, I was hoping to find at least a blouse.) I did pick up some (fake) Pashminas. Those scarves seems to be a staple around here. They are sold in kiosks on every block, in all colors, and every woman(, and some men), have one around their neck or head.
So, I picked up 2 for £5 (about 2 for $10). Not bad.

But, here's what I added to my list of "must haves" before I leave:
Skinny jeans
Leggings &
More and more tunics. (And if you know me, I love tunics anyway because they are always flattering, very versatilel, and all season.)

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