Moving Day

Day 8
I woke up at 6am (that's 1am EST). I fully prepared to make my exit from the dorm the evening before, so when I got up and dressed, it was smooth, unpaniked march to checkout.
Off to the tube...and I had to tote my luggage all the way.
No worries. Once in the newsroom, my bags are safe for a few hours. But, boy! I was so drained from carrying them up and down the stairs of the underground.

The day proceeded: scheduling interviews, research, etc. I have Wimbledon credentials, so the news team asked me to help out with a story. I used my contacts to reach out to new contacts, then we are off to Wimbledon. But, this time I don't want to go! (Again, I am tired, and not only that...I got to CNN at 7:30am. It was 3pm when they wanted to leave. It takes 1 hour, on a bumpy, jolty ride to Wimbledon. Then we'd have to wait for the interviews. No telling when we'd return back to Central London...AND THEN I'D HAVE TO LUG MY BAGS ON THE TUBE to my new which I have never been before.)

PRAISE GOD! They producer got a call. She and her crew were to report back to the bureau ASAP. They were to be on a flight to Israel tonight. Wow! I love it. I love it all. And I really wished I could go along. You see, if it weren't for sports, I'd pursue international journalism. Hence, my deep desire to come abroad. I've always loved international news, and after seeing the rush and still may be a possibility. I'd love to live my life that way!

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