Oh, Wimbledon

Day 4
I run to the bureau to finish up some research, and meet the cameraman downstairs. We head off to Wimbledon, but I am not looking forward to the drive. (I mentioned the motion sickness I suffered yesterday, but not that it takes an hour each way!) Just the driver, the cameraman, and me. We are to meet Don there. He's stuck in traffic, and I am to begin the interviews with out him.

Oh, Wimbledon. Its gracious, beautiful,... just an amazing site. The grass courts are splendid from our balcony roof-top view. That's where they placed the press.
Our interviews will take about 5 hours; but the line-up is superb. Plus, I got to be in the press conference and make the breaking news call to Atlanta when Andre Agassi announced his retirement.

Next was Rafael Nadal. Oh, my...he's a cutie. And taller than what I thought. He really is 6ft. (Not the Allen Iverson 6ft.) ...And there were no capri-pants in site.

Maria Sharapova was a site to see. Guys, she really is gorgeous. She lives in Florida, but could easily make it in Georgia. She has a cute little bum, just what the fellas like (; surprised 'cause she's Russian.) And oh...by the way, you heard it from me: she's not going to win Wimbledon this year. They try to hide and deny...but that girl was limping something awful!

Andy Murray, not highly ranked, but here's the story. For England he is the new hope. The British are a bit embarrassed that they hold this great event annually, and no one from home ever is the victor. So this kid, new on the scene, is getting the pressure as England's new hope for men's tennis.

Martina Hingis is ready to come back. She looks like a tough little cookie. Game-Set-Match!

And Lleyton Hewitt is on a high. Rooting for the Soccer-Roos in the World Cup, this Aussie just won the top prize at the Queens Tournament last weekend. He's also been dubbed as one who throws tantrums and to be very fussy. To be fair, he was quite pleasant during our take.

Here's a montage of our talks for your pleasure!


I also did a call-in interview for "MatchPoint Radio" that airs on 790 the Zone in Atlanta, Saturdays @2pm. Check it out:

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