Here Comes the Press

Day 3
After the AM World Sport show, Don and I prep'd research and questions for our interview today. In the meantime we are given the exciting news about tomorrow's line up of stars. Our car is here. The driver, Natalie, scoots us off the Wimbledon. (She later reveals, she too is in the music industry: "Perhaps, you've heard of my girl...she's from Atlanta too.")
There are no highways or freeways in England. Its so old, the city was fully planned before cars made there way over here. So, you must go through city streets, neighborhoods, and towns to reach your destination via car. The swiggly, bumpy, jolty ride had my head spinning. (And on the way home, I found myself car sick. I really wanted to puke!)

One interview on the agenda today. An important one too. It was though at first... the guest did not much seem to be in the mood. Last years Women's Champ, Venus Williams, was so through with these talks by the time it was our turn, it was like pulling teeth to get a good flow of conversation out of her. But, we did it, and it's good enough for our purposes. Check out a bit of it...exclusively for Daily-Affair readers!

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