The Final Day

Day 19

I am so grateful to Daz and his mum for putting me up. Daz's mum comes from the tradition of treating everyone who is in your home as if they were angels. (She tried her best to entertain me, though I insisted she need not bother.) So, in the morning I cleaned the living room for her, dusted, and spent time with her. She walked me around Kilburn Park and gave me a neighbourhood tour all the way down to the BBC. (Kilburn Park is so beautiful. It has a full sized track, several soccer feilds, tennis courts, basketball, 2 dog parks, a garden, and several playgrounds. I was in awe of it, and kept mentioning that "we don't have anything like that in where I come from!")

Then I went to Spitalfields Market, by the recommendation of my friend Andrea Harry.
Yippie! This was the jackpot. I had to go to the ATM in the middle of my spree, and I was so pleased by every-last-one of my purchases. (If I would've known of this market last weekend, I could've avoided a lot of random searches for last minute items on my check list this past week!)
I was running around like mad, trying to get all of the deals on my last day in London. And closed (at 3pm the patrol walk around telling the vendors to start packing it up.)

I felt high. (It's true. Some study recently showed that shopping releases some "happy" chemicals in your brain.) But, with only enough time to drop my bags off at my residence, I quickly headed out again to the bureau. I met up with my cameraman, and headed off to Wimbledon.
Trying to avoid the waiting game of yesterday, we arrived at gate 16 around 7pm.
Standing on the curb, all of us (the CNN crew, Spanish TV, and Sky Sports) are very irritated that we are missing the "big football game". We missed the entire World Cup Final waiting for Roger Federer. We let our imaginations tell us that he likely stopped the press tour to watch the match himself. (We assured ourselves this to be a fact after we saw Rafael Nadal drive off to his pad, and his manager Benito shouted to us, "You can interview, but Rafa has to watch football now!")
But, around two hours later, Federer came out, and graciously entertained our questions. I don't believe he had a break at all; so what a hero! He too missed the match. A great sacrifice.
Here's your clip:

My night wasn't over yet!
Since it was late, I had to meet Daz wherever he was at, to avoid disturbing his mother. But, all I wanted to do was just go home and rest.
Daz had a gig at CO-OP/Plastic People again, and I tagged along.
Of course it was another jamming set, and I couldn't help but dance, dance, dance.
Sympathetic to my situation, Daz ordered a black cab for us (, though I insisted I was up for the night bus ride home.)
We swiftly had a smooth ride back to Kilburn Park and ate my new favorite mid-night snack: toasted avocado sandwiches.

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