A Full Day

Day 13

...stopped by the bureau, and nothing much on today's agenda...which is great, because I have my own plans. I checked my email, and I've been invited to watch Venus Williams' mixed doubles match later this evening. Sweet! What an honor! I'm stoked!

But first, I was invited to watch Daz's rehearsal with his music group "Bugz in the Attic". I hopped on the tube and headed toward London Bridge. (You can't help but sing " London bridges fallin' down, fallin' down, fallin' down..." And here's a note: the song says "London bridges" because there are at least 3 bridges in a row on the Thames river--the Waterloo, millennium, and London bridges.)
I met up with 7 of the "bugz", including Daz. (I'm told there are 9.) Their album is set to release July 24, 2006. I've heard most of the tracks. Its great, new music, but not really hyped in the States. But, I can't wait for it to have it's turn.
They are scheduled for a hard core international tour, and are opening for Pharrell Williams in Europe. This is the video to one of their singles already released: Booty La La
(right-click the logo to view in a new window)

Bugz In The Attic - Booty La La

What do you think? And, Here's a clip of the rehearsal I attended:

Around 5pm I snuck out of rehearsal and made my way to Wimbledon. (Please note: I'm making these journeys sound sweet and glamorous. But, truly, they are long, hot, and enduring.)
I met up with Carlos Fleming, of IMG , based in Cleveland. He was so gracious to invite me. We chatted a bit before the match, he introduced me to Richard Williams, and also to a British drink called 'pimms.' (It's a posh British drink; and I quite liked it.)
The match was very entertaining. They won! Venus' partner is Bob Bryan, who is such a character. Venus' had some show-boat moments herself. Check out this clip:

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