I Miss My Mommy

Day 12

Still feverishly needing to make some purchases, I headed out for another attempt to shop.
This time I know where I want to go. Primark: because I saw somethings the last time I was in Hammersmith. But, I also heard that the best women's section was in the store off Bromely High Street in East London. It should be a simple journey, since I only needed one train. And, with my "London A-Z map", given to me by Daz, I felt confident with my task.

"Welcome to London" rings in my head, as I think of Don Riddell's comments to me the first time I learned of the "tube construction." ( One morning I left my room at 7am, and didn't make it to CNN until after 9am; on what usually is a 20 minute commute.)
The "one train" was down...in fact, will be down until September 2006.
It took a hour and a half to reach my first destination, and "it's bloody hot" underground, and above...for that matter.

I left the station and walked about 500 meters before I realized "I'm walking the wrong way! Damn."
I then walked about a half mile the other way, and never found the store. I'm sweating and I'm sure I smell like a European.

I get back on the tube and head about 40 minutes the opposite direction, to Hammersmith. "I definitely know where that is at. "
Since the tube I usually take is down, I take another, which drops me off at an unfamiliar spot of the exit. I walked another 500 meters before I found familiar territory. I am so hot and sweaty. It's nasty!
But, I found some items that I am pleased with... IT'S 3PM
Oh, it's time for me to head out. I have a bus tour of the city at 4:30pm, and it's non-refundable.
The odd paths of the underground make me decide to bypass the drop off I planned of my bags at the house I'm staying, and head straight to the tour. Not having eaten all day, I stop in for pizza, with 10 minutes to spare. While it is cooking, I run to the restroom, and see my face and body glazed with sweat that I have not seen since I was a teen. I wash up quickly, grab my pizza, and head over to the tour.

I loaded the bus, when one of the workers warned me I could not eat on the bus. I glanced a child snacking on some chips and punch, and the worker said to his mum, "No, he's alright. I just mean, hot and smelling things."
The tour is finally underway, and the host asks every single person on aboard where they are from...EXCEPT ME! AND I AM GUTTED!
(I looked around, and indeed, I am the only Negro on board. It took about 10 minutes for me to get my mind right to enjoy the tour. And I did...except I should've sat on the left side of the bus, because most of the photo opps were on that side...because they drive on that side of the street.)

The tour was called a Duck Tour, recommended by Don Riddell. It is the most unique. Its a bus made for land and water, and the most fun part was driving into the water. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
I've decided that 3 weeks is too long. I should not be displaced for longer than two weeks. Anything else must be a temporary assignment (6months) or permanent relocation.
I am so over this place! I want to spend dollars, 'cause I earn in dollars. I miss my daddy, sister and brother. I want a Fat Burger. I want mommy.
I need to take a shower and wash my hair!

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