More of London to See

Day 15

I decided I needed to take a day off to finish my sight seeing. So, after a brief stop by the bureau, I left. It was "pissing" outside (raining), but that doesn't stop London. My anchor, Don Riddell, was gracious to lead me to my first stop.

I made my way to the front of the golden gates of Buckingham Palace. I admit I was in awe. Its brilliant. The tradition, uniforms, the parades...all of it! And they do the same routine everyday. This was well worth the second trip for me. The whole ceremony took about an hour, and here's a clip from my camera:


From there, I mustard up the energy to visit a museum. Two different sources recommended I visit the Tate Modern Gallery. Through the rain, I found it without a hitch.

It's a cool museum. I only made a brief run-through though. My opinion is that places like that are best seen with someone else; so that you can share your thoughts and opinions.

I was tired, and only made through two levels. (The Tate Modern has 4 or 5 levels of exhibits.) But, I did enjoy it.

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