Day 16

After work I met up with Dean Ricketts (...Remember, THE MAN?) He wanted me to see the sporty side of Brittany. So, we traveled to south London to the Crystal Palace National Sports Centre.
(Its a remarkable center. Full force with tennis, football, soccer, track, swimming, and the "best basketball court in the land.")

As we approached I saw men playing AMERICAN FOOTBALL. I was flabbergasted! American football among all of these footy heads? I was then told this was a team at practices for NFL Europe. It made since as the fellows glanced my way as I spoke. I don't think they were all looking because I was so cute. I gather they heard my American accent and felt connected, as I did to them.

We entered the gym, and it smelled of sweat and fun. I watched the lads and laddettes hoop it up. I met a few more contacts and chatted a bit. The gentleman Roger Hosannah and Dean Ricketts shared their program with me. It's a wonderful story that I may someday report. In the meantime you can check out what they are up to in the UK at
Basically, all of the big names in basketball (whether they go to college or pro in the States) come through their program. The most famous is Loul Deng for the Chicago Bulls. They are doing good work, and when you go the London make sure you see what these guys are up to.


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