Barry Hits 2 HR's in Atlanta

I've been traveling in and out of town all summer and have just settled back down, when I realized that baseball season was almost over! Having failed to capitolize on my benefits from work, I was determined to attend at least one Atlanta Braves game. (And, I'd better make it a good one.)
Ah-hah! San Francisco is coming to town...hmmm...what game will Barry Bonds likely play, click, click...well they have the day off before their Atlanta trip...a three game series in the A..."Hey guys" I bello out in the newsroom, "what day will Bonds likely play?!" "Wednesday" they reply. So, it as decided.

Check out this clip of one of the best baseball games I've attended. The 2 teams combined, I witnessed 5 home runs! It was a good day. Infact, my friend thought we had such good luck that we should've played the lottery! (he, he, he)


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