Outraged: It is Never, Never Funny

Nope! No diplomatic picture here. I chose to find the one of most outrageous ones on the internet. I generally do not have a problem with Mr. Maher, but seriously...I am absolutely disgusted with his PARODY OF SPIKE LEE'S "LEVEES" DOCUMENTARY.

I say to all who read this blog that we should be outspoken to correct anyone who tries to make light of the situation. We all know the blatantly obvious treatment of different races in the U.S.A.; and with this knowledge we should all be personally offended when someone makes an insensitive remark.
(i.e. A:"Why does it always have to be about race?" B:"You always got to play the race card!" C:"It has nothing to do with the color of your skin: black, white, purple or yellow. It's not about race, its about money.")
Those responses come from the mouths of people who are naive, ignorant, or in denial.
EVERYTHING IN AMERICA IS ABOUT RACE! (I'm not even going to dwell to much on this modern example of CBS' brilliant idea to have "Survivor" teams grouped by race; where the only result can be one group saying, "Yes! I told you our race is better." Besides, historically we know ONE race in particular never plays fair, and hence always wins...And, oh, that race started this game in the first place? Hmmm...)
Quick history refresher: Europeans raced to discover a new land, and when they got off their fancy yachts, they found the land wasn't new, but owned by a beautiful brownish toned race...who appeared to have Asian-like eyes...so, ah-hah..."This must be India, and you are Indians." It their competition they figured out how to trick these people generation after generation until today, they barely exist, and no longer freely occupy this land...but are confined to small pockets, also know as casinos...Whom they still have to pay the thieving government. ( boy, it's a vicious cycle.)
With this fancy voyage they brought over valuable chocolates...some of them melted in the voyage, a.k.a. human labor, by which they became powerful enough to annex themselves from their mother lands and in turn to go down as the richest and most powerful (and don't forget manipulative) country in modern history. FREE labor was used for a handful of hundreds of years, until an insurmountable amount of peer pressure caused the majority of the free population to reluctantly release their free human labor.
The foundation of the U.S.A. is based on race. So, again I say to you: EVERYTHING IN AMERICA IS ABOUT RACE...

B: The race card is not a game I ever wish to play. First, their is never enough cards, and my people historically are not dealt the right hands, or are told the rules correctly. Race issues are something that very vividly exists. I'm sorry--I never want to play this game...I already know who the winner is.

C: First I must shout: THERE ARE NO PURPLE PEOPLE! That's a stupid cliche.
Second, it's always about race down to when slaves were freed off their plantations and their former masters and other white people were confused as to why they had no place to go, didn't know what to do, etc. And slavery was about money; building generational wealth... So, never fall into that ignorant trap by stating a derivative of this stupid cliche.
I mean, after stripping people from their identity, language, and families for hundreds of years, and then one day saying "You are free." What do you expect persons to do? Believe fake promises of free acres and mules? Were the persons ever shown how to be free? I know we were shown how to be slaves for hundreds of years...but did they ever tell us how to be free?

I unapologetically digress: Bill Maher is in denial. If he still dates Karrine Stephens (a.k.a Superhead), then she is stupid. Would you allow your man to make fun of your people's greatest recent tragedy? ( I know the producers though they were making fun of "white people", but when people are suffering...and they still are suffering, it's never, never funny.)
Nothing, nothing about Hurricane Katrina is funny.

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