"I'm 4 years old" Bring It On!

Have you ever heard of competitive cheer-leading for tots?

Sound ludicrous? A waste of money? And, who is coordinated enough at 3, 4 or 5 years old to cheer-lead ...let alone compete at it??!

I am all for athletic activity, especially for our youth. But, does this bring up the issue of
  • how young is too young?

  • Does too much sport activity wear on their little bones and affect their future?

  • And, who's idea is this anyway? Can a 3 year old really decide they want to compete in sport?

But, really, this isn't supposed to be that deep of a piece. I just thought it silly and stupid. And so did my friend who was dooped into signing up his little one in such competition. She is 3.
(Check out the video by right clicking the picture and opening in a new window. It will automatically play.)

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