OotD: Tropical Zebra

Self magazine said that animal prints were this summer's trend. But I say, "When did they ever go out of style?"

Sure the texture and cut of the clothing evolves with each new season, that's why you should look for animal prints with classic shapes and fabrics.

Today, I'm wearing a cotton, A-line shaped t-shirt dress. But because of the print, I can get away with the casual texture for work. (Newport News, last summer)

We are having summer storms so this silhouette was perfect for the day (as you can see against the glass...it looks like I am in a tropical forest.) The cowboy boots were a last minute try. I thought it worked...plus my feet stayed dry when I was out and about at work. (Rampage cowboy boots, fall 2009)

My accessories I have collected over time, so I apologize I can't tell you where I got them from. But, they are a mix of beads, wood-like and wood. This ties in the tropical, wild theme.

So...do you like cowboy boots in the summer?  How do you wear them?


  1. Oh yeah. That's a great tip.
    I love animal prints!

  2. This is such a cute look!

  3. I love the Jessica Simpson look. Wearing cowboy boots with daisy duke shorts.

  4. Here's my look:

  5. I like it because it's casual and you can wear it to work. Looks comfy.


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