OotD: Easy, Breezy Zebra

Don't judge. I'm feeling the animal print.

This is one of my favorite dresses. It's so carefree and comfortable and when you wear it, you always look like you've put in so much effort...but really, you just slide it on.

Again, this is from Newport News--the same season as the chocolate zebra dress. It's made of cotton and has a embeded sash that you draw at the waist. I always wear it off the shoulder, and I was a bit hesistant to wear it that way to work. But earlier in the week the co-host of our TV show wore a one shoulder top, so I felt a little better walking around the building. (But, I did avoid the newsroom. Our show is actually on another floor from the newsroom...the place where serious stuff happens. We like to talk about bras, lipstick and hormones.)

I love all of the blue tones, so any blue accessory can be paired with this get up. My necklace is actually long, but I doubled it up for four rows of beads.
For years, I never had the perfect earrings to pair with the necklace, but last year at Burlington Coat Factory I found the earring I'm wearing...they came with a navy pair and a chocholate pair. (By the way,  Burlington is a great, great place to find luxurious, one of a kind, costume jewelry. It's one of my Hot Spots.)

Extra notes: I didn't have time to make a video, but I had a lot of fun in this get up! I gave you silly poses because it was actually the end of the day and I was exhausted...so I was trying to keep the energy up for the photos. 
Oh...I didn't wear zebra two days in a row, by the way. I did wear them in the same week...I really don't recommend that. But I was feeling it!

What outfit are you feeling now?


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