Last Minute Gal Pal Gifts for the Holidays

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If you find yourself scrambling for a gift for your bestie or good gal pal, then check out these nine out-of-the-box and girl-friendly items for your closest friends.

All of them are under $100 and fun stuff that I am sure she will share with you! *wink, wink*

1.   For the Bookworm: Out of Print's fashion t-shirts, iPhone cases, coasters and tote bags display one's love for classic literature

Out of Print celebrates the world's great stories through fashion and lifestyle products.  Each item features iconic and often out of print book covers.  From t-shirts and tote bags to iPhone cases and stationery, bookworms and hipsters rejoice the love of literature through Out of Print's innovative products.  Additionally, for each product sold on, the brand donates one book through their partnership with Books for Africa. Products range from $20 - $40.

2.   For the Fashionista: Tip Top Shoe Saver to preserve her pointy-toe footwear
Tip Top Shoe Saver is a device that instantly solves shoe-crease or shoe crisis issues. Women of most walks of life have experienced a common flaw in footwear: creasing at the toe. It is nearly impossible to stop leather stretching and creasing due to void space between the tips of shoes and the weight of your foot:
Here's how it works:
  • Take a pair of shoes or boots with shoe creases and measure the width and length of the tip
  • Depending on the measurement and tip silhouette, Tip Top Shoe Saver has 4 plastic adjustable breakaways that can be removed for the perfect fit
  • Insert and prevent your closet from another shoeicide

3.   For the Flirt: FlipMe Dating Cards makes flirty so much fun and lets her control all-things flirtatious
FlipMe: Popular flirting tool empowers women to channel their inner coquette and make the first move – flirting cards as a tangible, real-life experience that allows women to be embrace the seductress that lives within. Each FlipMe card has a charming, sexy or sassy saying and a unique code that allows only the recipient to view the member’s profile and connect. FlipMe cards are available for $25.00 per pack, which includes 30 cards and a six-month subscription to their messaging service:

  • Give a prospective love interest a card with a sweet, sassy or sexy statement
  • Log into your profile to see if he's responded
  • Upon a response, connect and become intrigued with the new form of flirting

4.   For the Glamour Girl: Effortless Extensions allows her to stay on-trend with her locks - - without harmful hair extensions   
*careful with this one. Make sure she wears them and is alright with you knowing that. Some ladies are sensitive to that and want them a secret. Also, color DOES matter!


Go from lackluster to luscious hair in seconds with Effortless Extensions.  Effortless Extensions can help you achieve a natural look, without the hassle and at the affordable price of $79.99.  Effortless Extensions is the ultimate hair accessory and the new standard in hair extensions that require no clips, no glue, no sewing, no skill, and no assistance.  They can be applied seamlessly, blending into your natural hair, in literally seconds….just one strand of adjustable fishnet that sits comfortably on the crown. Not only are they the easiest hair extensions you will ever use, their new FEELsoREAL synthetic fiber is so close to human hair, it's hard to distinguish.  The FEELsoREAL synthetic is the only fiber on the market you can wash, condition, blow-dry, curl or flat iron just like you own hair.

5.   For the Sports Star: RUBR watches provides an array of watches with interchangeable faces – giving her free reign to sport her favorite team's colors
With over 20 shades and interchangeable faces, the ultimate sports fanatic can show her team spirit anytime, anyplace. RUBR watches are fashionable, functional timepieces that don’t interfere with leisure activities. With a 100% silicone, water-resistant base, you can do anything – sporting, camping, swimming, running – and not worry about the safety of your watch.  Price points start at $25 for color watches and $30 for animal print watches with slap-wrist action.

6.   For the Eco-Chic: S’well insulated water bottles keeps drinks cool and warm for up to 12 hours – eliminating the need to purchase endless plastic bottles and coffee
For outdoor recreation, S'well water bottles are designed to keep drinks cold (up to 24 hours) or hot (up to 12 hours) - ideal for camping, biking, hiking or traveling.
Eco-friendly and socially responsible, S'well encourages consumers to refrain from purchasing endless bottles of water and the company donates 10% of its sales to creates programs to improve access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation through the WaterAid organization. Price points: 17 ounces/$35 and 25 ounces/$45.

7.   For the Organizer: The Callet = phone case + wallet; organizing all of her essentials from credit cards, ID, cash and theater tickets – giving her handbag a day off!
From running errands to biking or outdoor recreation, both items are solution-driven products. For instance, The Callet (phone case + wallet that securely holds personal ID, credit cards, cash and loose keys) helps individuals rankled by switching purses/carryalls to lessen the bulk or carrying a wallet with all needs.
iPhone, BlackBerry and Android compatible, and available in blue, pink and white, The Callet costs $19.99 and is ideal for everyone in your family.

8.   For the Globe-trotting Glamourista: Olie Biologique travel-sized organic oils: argan for hair and skin, evening primrose for sore muscles and additional wellness and beauty benefits to maintain her youthful, glowing appearance
Dab on a little organic oil to protect skin from harsh weather conditions such as sun or arctic blasts.  Keep your hair moisturized and skin healthy with Olie Biologique's Huile Moderne 004 travel sized spray vials.  Products last about 2-3 weeks and is refillable.  Ingredients include 100% USDA organic argan, rosehip, Vitamin E, bergamont, neroli and frankincense. Price points: 5mL for $15.

9.   For the Spiritual Sister: M2 by Mary Margrill’s collection of spiritual statement pieces as balanced jewelry that exudes a polished and positive attitude
M2 by Mary Margrill is a collection of fine jewelry that is spiritually inspired and boasts inspirational statements – created to internally and externally enhance one's life.  The collection of jewelry offers a range of bracelets, earrings, necklaces and sterling silver.  Price points start at $100.

*This one is my favorite. Who doesn't like jewelry?
Which one is your favorite?

Do you like these ideas? Let me know. 
Your feedback is necessary. You never know...I smell an early giveaway coming on! *hint, hint*


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